Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Organic food INVADED by Neotame – the toxic chemical sweetener that's MORE DANGEROUS than aspartame


Rather than selling it directly to consumers as a tabletop sweetener, the makers of Neotame (Monsanto's NutraSweet Co.), the artificial sweetener that's 13,000 times sweeter than sugar, got FDA approval for use in any foods except for meat. Monsanto, the evil corporation that also makes aspartame, pushed hard and pushed fast for their marketing, and now it's showing up in tons of organic products. It takes 8,000 teaspoons of sugar to equal the sweetening strength of one teaspoon of neotame, and this "sweetness" deception does wonders to the human body, where it is fooled into believing it's eating something sweet, and thus CRAVING MORE food, more food, more sweets. Organic "sellout" companies across the globe are using lots of toxic fillers and sweeteners now in organic products to screw up the health of health-conscious consumers and to completely dilute the organic label. Companies are using organic soy, organic canola and artificial sweeteners that pass the "USDA organic" test or fly under its radar. What "organic" disease are you buying into today at Whole Foods? Which company is pooling the wool over your eyes, is it Horizon or is it Silk? Is your sugar-free, calorie-free, zero-calorie, light and diet-labeled organic food killing you slowly or quickly?


Neotame was approved back in 2002 and immediately inserted into millions of products, including dairy products, yogurt, frozen desserts, chewing gum and soft drinks. Unlike aspartame, neotame can be heated up, so you find it in all kinds of baked goods, even those labeled organic. Now in the CAFOs, careless farmers add it to the livestock feed, and then slaughter those animals and send them to the grocers across America. You see, the FDA does NOT require ingredients to be labeled as long as they contribute to less than one percent of the product, but what if the product contained 1% mercury, or aluminum, or rattle snake venom, for that matter?


Hazardous, chemical-containing Neotame is hidden under "natural flavors" category on organic food products


Neotame is a white crystalline powder that contains the same synthetic derivatives as aspartame, add the chemical methanol, also known as wood alcohol, and finally add in some 3-dimethylbutyl, and you have the NEOTAME SYNTHETIC COMPOUND that contains ingredients listed on the EPA's most hazardous chemical list. So then, the government is protected the environment from a hazardous chemical that the FDA says is fine to eat, and that the USDA approves for use in organic foods. Hail to Neotame, the toxic sweetener found in organic food that contains a chemical the EPA has on their most hazardous chemical list. Neotame was created to leave out Phenylketonurics (PKUs) so they wouldn't have to include the warning labels that aspartame carries for people with metabolic disorder. By rapidly stimulating the release of insulin and leptin, neotame consumption propels abnormal hormone reactions, increasing fat storage, leading to weight gain and obesity–the exact opposite effect for which it is consumed, and the opposite goal of weight loss or weight control, according to the deceptive marketing platform. Long term effects are unknown (neurotoxicity, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, strokes, etc.) Neotame is actually created in a laboratory using genetically modified bacteria, so no matter how LOW the percent of the product in any food, it's GMO and NOT organic. Many more people are aware of the dangers of consuming aspartame than they are neotame. Aspartame was released for consumption way back in 1980 by Donald Rumsfeld and the infamous Ronald Reagan.


Neotame and Aspartame both metabolize into formaldehyde in the human body

Once neotame enters the body, it changes into formaldehyde and acts as an excitotoxic amino acid that damages nerves and soft tissue. Neotame is manufactured with a highly flammable irritant. There are currently NO LABELING RULES for neotame - as it is found in USDA certified organic food in a wide range of products. Is your food really organic? You better check. The word organic is a big money maker, and some companies just don't care what's in their products as long as they sell. Who do you buy from: Kashi, Boca or "Back to Nature?" Do you know who really owns them now?

When "organic" is not really organic


Did you know the USDA doesn't test certified organic food for heavy metal toxins? Did you know organic food imported from China may be more dangerous to your health than conventional food grown in the USA? This is why former vice-presidents and lobbyists for Monsanto now run the FDA and the USDA. Nutrasweet is a former Monsanto asset. Do the math. They sell you health detriment and then they sell you pharmaceuticals to quell the pain, depression, severe hormone imbalance, and central nervous system disorders they created in the first place. Like aspartame, neotame is another cancer-causing weight-gain monster. Will you be "consumed?"













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