Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tomorrow, you will be a health enthusiast – the polar opposite of a smoker

Today, you study. You prepare your home, your body, and your mind. There is no secret to feeling good, besides keeping chemicals out of your blood and the best nutrients moving through it. Today, though, you study.


You learn what NOT to do first. You learn why you feel the way you do. You learn what is causing it. This is not biological or inherited. Do not blame your parents, your siblings or your "significant" other for your health and wellness ills. Welcome to the void, the one you created. It's time to fill it up with goodness.


Let's remove the deadly pesticide that's infused in the tobacco to kill weeds and worms. You are not a weed or a worm.


Let's remove the bleach from the papers from which you smoke, as smoking bleach wreaks havoc on your cleansing organs, like your pancreas, kidneys and liver.


Let's remove the ammonia, that the "man" uses to freebase your nicotine to vapor-ready form–the form that provides relief for your chemical hangover from the last cigarette. Let's remove this "spoke" in the wheel of madness and ill-health.


Let's remove fast food, and the junk-science addiction that gives you a headache two hours later, from dehydration and inflammation.


Let's eliminate tap water from your entire equation! This has sodium fluoride, a known carcinogen and insecticide imported from China and dumped into US municipal water. There's tap water in soda, your coffee, your tea, your drink mix concoctions, your boiling pot of water on the stove for cooking vegetables, and anywhere else you've pulled water from the tap to consume. You need spring water, distilled or reverse osmosis, and then let's talk about supplements.


Let's INFUSE organic supplements–including vitamins, minerals, hemp seed oil, coconut oil (the good fats and omega-3 fatty acids), and lots of organic greens, like kale, spinach, collards, chard, mustard greens, romaine lettuce ... you know!


Right now, your are a smoker with a lot of knowledge. Later today, you will be putting that new knowledge to work for you. Your knowledge is your new employee, and it's working hard for you, every minute of the day and night. Nutrients are your machines that will build the new you. You will NOT feel weak, or tired, or listless, or depressed, or stressed. You WILL FEEL GREAT. You will feel energy and vitality.


Right now you are transforming into a health enthusiast, the opposite of a smoker. Any friends and relatives you have who smoke will tell you that you're "doing it wrong" and that food is not the answer. They'll say you need to see a doctor or a pharmacist for medications to quit smoking. They'll say you said you were going to quit before.


Nothing they say matters about your goal, unless it's a compliment. You are entering health and wealth now. Do not look back. Visit the home page of the world's leading stop smoking program:




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