Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Confidence without cigarettes - Read these fast facts then learn how


This is not to scare anyone into quitting smoking, because that never works. Yet, knowledge is power, so instead of being afraid, you become empowered to drop the fear. Once you drop the fear of quitting, you will drop the habit for good, because you will know what you always wished you knew, since the first time you even THOUGHT about quitting. These are the fast facts compiled from over five years of research regarding the chemicals that make the smoking addiction so bad and so chronic. You can stop covering your eyes and ears because the truth only "stings" for a minute or two, but then the reward for putting knowledge to work for you is amazing. You are talented, smart, and NEVER limited to what you can achieve. Get the facts, then act! Here we go:


Top 25 cigarette fast facts that will make you QUIT:


Fast Fact #1: Most tobacco in the US is genetically modified in laboratories to contain toxic pesticides that kill insects, such as horn worms that eat tobacco. These chemical pesticides include herbicides to suffocate weeds (most popular toxin in the world is Roundup, aka "glyphosate"). These toxins also suffocate humans who smoke them, slowly but surely.


Fast Fact #2: The actual chemical nicotine addiction is broken in 3 to 4 days!


Fast Fact #3: David Wolfe, the world's leading raw food expert, recommends a completely holistic, organic and natural method for quitting cigarettes that does NOT involve medication or nicotine.


Fast Fact #4: The number one cure for depression and anxiety isn't another cigarette, it's organic food and spring water.


Fast Fact #5: More than 20,000 US doctors (MDs) pushed and promoted cigarettes long after science declared they cause lung cancer (1930s through 1970s).


Fast Fact #6: Cigarette filters contain glass wool, like fiberglass insulation, which enters the smokers lungs and makes tiny tears in the epithelial tissue, helping cancer lodge and develop.


Fast Fact #7: Cellulose acetate, a form of plastic and a highly flammable and toxic ingredient used in photo film, is used to weave cigarette papers so cancer sticks burn evenly and don't go out when the wind blows. Think about that one for a second.


Fast Fact #8: Side effects of the most used cessation medications, including chantix and zyban, which you've probably heard of before or have taken yourself, include feelings of suicide and suicide itself.


Fast Fact #9: Chemotherapy, often used for sufferers of lung cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer, has a miserable failure rate of over 97%, meaning it doesn't work but on lucky occasioon, and sometimes even kills the smoker itself.


Fast Fact #10: Marlboro was the first company to freebase tobacco with ammonia to make the nicotine into vapor-ready form and 30 times as potent as before the 1960s, when Big Tobacco didn't know how to do this.


Fast Fact #11: Cigarette paper is usually white, so it's bleached. You're smoking bleach.


Fast Fact #12: Mixing ammonia, bleach and pesticide is a formula for deadly gas (Zyklon B) that Hitler and his scientists utilized to gas millions of Jews to death during the Holocaust of WWII. Therefore, cigarette smokers today are smoking their way into the gas chambers of death, voluntarily.


Fast Fact #13: Mucuna is a natural legume (sold as nutritional powder or in capsules) that does the same thing nicotine does, but naturally – it raises dopamine levels in the body to deal with stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Mucuna is legal and easy to find online.


Fast Fact #14: The CDC spends millions of taxpayer dollars on scary commercials that only help a miserable two percent of the population of smokers actually quit cigarettes. What a waste!


Fast Fact #15: Half of all smokers want to quit, but don't know how.


Fast Fact #16: Smokers older than age forty, on average, have tried to quit smoking twenty different times (They obviously never tried the organic method 14AndOut*).


Fast Fact #17: Nicotine is a short-term stimulant, but a long-term depressant, just like alcohol and cocaine.


Fast Fact #18: Cigarettes kill libido entirely over time.


Fast Fact #19: Smokers have highly acidic blood and pH, welcoming prolonged sicknesses, diseases, disorders and central nervous system and hormone imbalance.


Fast Fact #20: In the Holocaust, six million Jews died. Cigarettes kill 6 million people worldwide every year.


Fast Fact #21: Every 12 years, 6 million people in the US die from cigarette addiction.


Fast Fact #22: Nicotine is the third most addictive drug in the world, running close behind heroin and cocaine.


Fast Fact #23: The FDA and CDC hate electronic cigarettes and vaping in general, and would ban them if they could, because 60% of smokers who switch to vaping NEVER go back to cigarettes.


Fast Fact #24: The nicotine gum and nicotine patch are both SCAMS invented by Big Tobacco to keep smokers hooked on cigarettes when the quit method fails them.


And, finally ... Fast Fact #25: MDs cannot recommend nutrition or any alternative, natural way to quit smoking because the AMA will revoke their medical license.


Knowledge is power. Now that you have it, do something with it. Make it a self-obligation to be the most awesome you can be each day. It's easy. Start now. No more "attempts" at quitting. It's time to be SUCCESSFUL. This is your success quit. You will not have to "try" again. This is your cigarette escape plan. Don’t let anyone steal it from you or convince you otherwise. This is a natural plan. No meds, no side effects, no crazy withdrawals. To preview the secrets of the natural program, watch the free trailer presented by the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams, Editor and Founder of NaturalNews.com. 14AndOut–Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!


You CAN have confidence without cigarettes. Read this:



Have cigarettes attached themselves to you? You can un-attach. Read this: \












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