Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr. Henry Cotton was a madman, just like Fata and Gorski today - a truthwiki definition of the most insane surgeons


Similar to the way Hitler and the Nazi scientists tortured Jews later on in WWII, the insane doctor put his crazy theories to work on U.S. soil during WWI. His mental patients were at his complete disposal and Western medicine’s pharma complex was just getting underway. Ethical and moral concern were out the window and there were no recorded attempts to gain informed consent. Dr. Cotton’s “captive audience” had no legal recourse at all. Then, Cotton simply lied and bragged of success to the press. His alarmingly high death rate from colon operations was easily explained away as Cotton not being “thorough” enough and having missed “pockets of infection.” This is very similar to cancer surgery today, where oncologists explain that “some of the cancer got away” while under the knife (ie: lymphatic cancer). Cancer surgery is rather archaic today, in that sense, that modern medicine wants to “cut out” cancer of the blood and cells. It’s a wonder Cotton wasn’t into bloodletting for his patients with fever recovering from surgery. Dr. Cotton had nobody to prove him wrong, not even the politicians that were steeped in pharma profiteering and racketeering at the AMA.

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