Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Medical Holocaust Deniers" ... get ready, they're all over the place in the United States!

This just in from the Health Ranger at Natural

"Medical coercion is the kind of thing most Americans might suspect is taking place in the gulags of North Korea... or perhaps the organ harvesting dungeons of Communist China... but not in the United States, right? Wrong.

The vaccine pushers demand that toxic vaccines -- which provably harm some children and even kill others -- be injected into people UNWILLINGLY, without their consent. When an industry simultaneously demands coercive injections of toxic substances while censoring all public debate on the safety of such interventions, a recipe for a medical holocaust has been achieved.

Indeed, in learning the full extent of the number of children who are maimed and murdered by the vaccine industry, I have begun calling this devastating phenomenon a "medical holocaust." Those who deny it is taking place are, naturally, "medical holocaust deniers."

The mainstream media is full of medical holocaust deniers. They pretend to be journalists but are actually anti-science dogmatists who worship at the altar of the Church of Scientific Mysticism, from which all vaccine safety "proof" magically emerges following the ritualistic sacrifice of children. When an entire branch of medicine becomes so steeped in coercion, intimidation, censorship, the routine harming of children and the refusal to engage in any discussion about risks versus benefits, it is no longer science or medicine at all. It is a totalitarian medical regime that poses a real and present danger to the safety of children everywhere.

And it seems that Robert De Niro has decided it's time to start questioning that regime, much like Galileo once questioned the dogma of the Catholic Church. To dare challenge the totalitarian powers of the day takes great courage -- and subjects one to great risk -- yet it is also the process of scientific revolutions that have, throughout history, overthrown dangerous dogmas and replaced them with more enlightened and informed views on important matters such as immunizations."

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