Tuesday, July 5, 2016

HITLER-y Clinton one step closer to 100% GMO, Force Vaccinations, Total Gun Confiscation in America

per Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News.com:

"Effectively, all three branches of government have now been totally corrupted: Legislative, judicial and executive. There are no longer checks and balances in the United States government. It's all one grand criminal cabal of political elitists who see themselves as above the law. Those who sit in the high court -- the Supreme Court Justices -- also now ignore the law at every opportunity, abandoning the written word and effectively writing new law to push a political agenda that further emboldens the power and reach of the federal government.

Keep in mind that the Washington cabal of criminal politicians and government miscreants has already seized nearly 50% of the land across the western states of America (click here to see the map), labeling it "public land" when it actually means it's land controlled by the corrupt federal government. What's left for the people of America? An ever-shrinking quantity of inferior, private lands which have now been largely contaminated by EPA-approved toxic pesticides and herbicide chemicals.

What's really unfolding in America is a Hunger Games scenario where the political elite in Washington rule over the starving, impoverished masses who are denied land, power and even a means of self-defense. Just as in the Hunger Games, America's media is also little more than state-run propaganda parading around as media. Over the last year, the mainstream media has systematically covered up every crime of Hillary Clinton while directing nearly 100% of its staff resources toward slandering Donald Trump. The result is that very few Americans have any clue about the criminality and corruption of the Clintons. And this November, tens of millions of Americans will vote out of sheer ignorance, having no knowledge of reality.

This is the very last chance to save America from absolute totalitarianism

Hillary Clinton is a Mosanto operative, a mandatory vaccine pusher, a corrupt friend of the banksters, a war criminal, a chronic liar and the leader of the Clinton-era efforts to verbally abuse, threaten and intimidate the many rape victims of Bill.

That she is even still in the race for president tells you everything you need to know about the absolute corruption of the media, the political establishment and now even the FBI. Now, we are living under the oppressive thumb of not just an occupied federal government that sees the People as the enemy, but also an occupied, staged media that believes its primary purpose is to put Hillary Clinton into the White House, no matter how many lies have to be told in the process by the Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.

Now in America, any person who opposes this war criminal Clinton from becoming president is maligned as "bigoted" or "sexist" in exactly the same way that any person who opposed any policy of Obama was decried as "racist." The democrats now emerge as the most intolerant, irrational and cognitively insane political party America has ever seen in her history, screaming "bigots!" while demanding absolute obedience to its own twisted agenda of placing an evil, corrupted and mentally dangerous woman into the White House (while crushing the voices of Bernie Sanders supporters through systematic corruption and oppression).

This election may be the very last chance to save America from descending into a totalitarian police state run by the Clinton criminals. I urge every Natural News reader to vote against Hillary the criminal and send a message to Washington: We will not suffer under your political totalitarianism and selective immunity from law. We the People demand that all laws be applied equally to all people. We demand that our President not be a liar, a serial abuser of women and a deeply corrupted political operative who has already sold out the White House to foreign interests."

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/054562_Hillary_Clinton_James_Comey_selective_prosecution.html#ixzz4DYSdwifJ

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