Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trump movement awakening TENS OF MILLIONS!- - Landslide election coming Tuesday

The Trump movement is awakening tens of millions of Americans to the astonishing criminality of the democrats in Washington

There's an unstoppable movement rising up in America now that simply will not tolerate filthy democrats stealing our democracy and conning their way into power. If they steal the election, we will take to the streets and declare a Clinton presidency illegitimate and illegal. We will stand behind the military men and women in uniform as the U.S. armed forces depose you and remove you from office, to announce new elections without the festering, cancerous stench of the DNC and the Clintons hanging over this nation like a putrid cloud of filth.

We the People have had enough of you demons, you creatures from Hell, you walking bags of anti-human reptilian snakes who pretend to be "leaders" in Washington. Your days of tyranny and totalitarian domination are rapidly coming to an end. And you will soon face the informed justice of an enraged population that refuses to be enslaved by your incessant corruption and wretched government rackets.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055848_Donna_Brazile_cheating_democrats_racketeering.html#ixzz4OkpE2A9S

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