Thursday, April 6, 2017

Find you center of balance now... All the Democratic Ponzi schemes are unraveling thanks to Trump!

Yes, all the “science” sellouts are screaming because President Trump is beginning to dismantle the corrupt EPA and the insidious CDC. Everybody who took at least one science class in college thinks they’re going to burn to death in a few years because the global warming hoax is falling apart at the seams and all funding is going down the drain. Now the journo-terrorists and journo-whores are collecting the only paychecks they can find – and those are for bad-mouthing anyone who supports Trump and real science.

What’s “real” science? It’s the kind of evidence-based science that without a doubt proves vaccines contain dangerous neurotoxins, GMOs cause cancer, global warming is a Ponzi-scheme and yes, the EPA, CDC and FDA are all corporate run businesses that make a fortune off lying to Americans and polluting our environment, food and medicine.

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