Monday, February 18, 2013

Natural News: Just 10 steps and 100 years later and the U.S. has “accomplished” the most expensive healthcare and earliest death rates!


We did it! 100 years of hard work making 80% of all food and medicine toxic in the United States worked! We are now the country/nation that spends the most on Healthcare and dies the soonest. Mission accomplished. Kudos to the FDA, the CDC, the AMA, and the Biotech Industry; you shall now enjoy a lifetime (or more) of bad karma and guilt.


“If you think pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and various other instruments of modern Western medicine are responsible for improving quality of life and increasing the average lifespan in America, think again.”


The process of becoming the most useless and costly healthcare industry in the world was not very difficult either, it just took some time. Here are the 10 basic steps taken by the U.S. Government and regulatory agencies to do it:


1.     Create the AMA, the American Medical Association, to suppress all natural remedies, to pretend that the discovery of vitamins was useless, and to put the “quack” seal of the AMA on dangerous pharmaceuticals to make the masses believe they have been “tested and approved.”

2.      Hire NAZI scientists, fresh out of prison for mass murder during WWII, and put them to work for major “Big Pharma” companies, creating dangerous vaccines for “epidemics” and drugs to cover and suppress symptoms of illness.

3.     Process with pesticide, insecticide, and herbicides most food which is regularly consumed by the masses, like corn, soy, wheat, flour and sugar. This will create sickness and ensure more “healthcare” needs.

4.     Declare a fake “war on cancer” (Nixon) while promoting foods and medicines which actually cause cancer. Ruin doctors who oppose this, and sue/shut down in court any cures for cancer which pop up in the mainstream.

5.     Declare intellectual property “patentable” and steal cures, alter the formulas, and give false hope to the masses that a cure is in sight for several diseases and disorders.

6.     Push high fructose corn syrup, Aspartame, MSG, fluoridated water and bleached food on the masses. Also create false flag epidemics, like AIDS, swine flu, and the like so people will rush to be injected with toxins.

7.     Use biotechnology to alter and endanger the DNA of food, using bacteria, viruses and DNA samples from cross species contamination, including worms, mosquitoes, RoundUp pesticide, chicken embryos and human placenta.

8.     Use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to create the illusion that disease is being treated, while consistently raising the cost of treatment over the years.

9.     Create Government and corporate owned and run organizations (for profit and “not for profit”) which also gather the masses to walk, run, and pray for a cure for a disease (which is being perpetuated with the very money that is donated). Have sponsors that also perpetuate consuming toxic food and drinks.

10.  Most importantly, feed animals and fish artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified food, and use all of them, sick or not, as part of the food processing and distribution industry. (see gelatin, GMO alfalfa and chicken “nuggets” for more insight on this).





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