Monday, March 11, 2013

A conversation behind closed doors by vaccine manufacturers before U.N. meeting



Wait. What? Everyone knows that mercury is still in vaccines?? How in the world did they find out? Who let it slip? Did you tell them it’s not in the vaccines for infants, pregnant mothers or small children? Oh, it still is? And they know that too? Damn. Now what will we do?”


“This could be the end of our reign! How could the masses have figured out about the Thimerosal? Maybe that Natural News Editor and that guy from Prison Planet told everybody, but that’s only a few million informed people, what about the zombie masses we’ve dumbed down with fluoride, bleach and pesticide, they can’t think for themselves, and CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC have no coverage of it, so how could this top secret have gotten out so fast?”




“If people start looking this stuff up, they could drop all of our chemical medicine and go that profitless route of natural remedy. We have to have a new plan! Quick, shut down all the old and dirty factories using thimerosal, we don’t need some hidden video footage getting out. Call the lobbyists at Merck, Pfizer, and Bayer and tell them they have nothing to worry about. We’ll work on a new “strain” of antibiotics and release it in a couple months.”


“But sir, that’s just compounding the problem. The Superbugs are just going to devour that by fall, and we’ll be right back where we are today?”


“You got a better idea? I didn’t think so. Now tell the U.N. and the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee  everything’s under control, and we’ll have the “serum” in their hands, along with stock options and bail out insurance, by the end of July!”


“Sir, yes sir.”


Natural News has coverage of the real atrocity and the real ban that may be coming WORLDWIDE for mercury vaccines. Could it be the end of Western Medicine’s Evil 100 Year Reign of the vaccine hoax?


Ethan Huff at Natural News writes: “The controversy regarding the continued use of mercury in some vaccines, despite the element's proven toxicity, is coming to a head as the United Nations (UN) considers the passage of a new treaty that would outlaw the use of mercury in medicines worldwide. According to a recent report compiled by consumer advocate Tim Bolen, the vaccine industry is in a panic over this impending ban, as it could spell the end of the vaccine industry as we know it.”

Learn more:


Be sure to read Bolen's full report on the potential mercury ban here:

"If Thimerosal was removed from vaccines, worldwide, no doubt neurological issues in new children would nearly vanish for the next generations,"



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