Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leave artificial foods and embrace organics to have a long and healthy life


There is hardly anyone in this world who does not want to live a long life. But it is not possible to achieve that with the chemical laden, toxic and harmful foods that we eat every day. Natural News exposes that prolonged consumption of processed meat products can increase the risk of an early death to a large extent. The BMC Medicine journal has published a recent study in which it has been concluded that consumption of processed meat may enhance the risk of dying early by almost 50 percent. Learn more on the news at


Ursula Arens from the British Dietetic Association or BDA opines that it is not normal meat but processed meat that actually creates the problem. Processed meats contain several preservatives, additives and chemicals that alter its properties like taste, shelf life and nutritional value. These added chemicals can cause serious physical complications and may even lead to an early death. Therefore, the most reliable way to experience a healthy and long life is the consumption of organic food products. Anyone can buy such products like the organic shelled hempseed at the Natural News store at affordable prices. For online shopping visit


Organic foods are high in protein and vitamin content and cater to each and every need of the body. Take for example Enerfood. It is highly digestable and therefore, the nutrients in it can make their way to different parts of the body quite easily. It helps in maintain a strong immune system, mental clarity, high stamina, sound liver and heart, healthy skin and also maintains the normal blood sugar level. Organic foods like these are far better than processed meat products as they contribute to the overall well being of the human body and paves the way for a long life. Know more at .

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