Thursday, March 21, 2013

Natural News reveals history of how antibiotics have bred Superbugs


The general public normally largely depends on modern medicine in order to get rid of the agony of diseases, but the history of these medicines, when studied carefully, reveals more agonizing truths. Natural News has published a well researched book titled 25 Amazing Facts About the Hidden History of Medicine in which it has explored the history of modern medicine. How many of us know that the chemotherapy agents that are used today to treat cancer patients originated from the mustard gas, a deadly chemical weapon used during both world wars? The books has it all and many more facts about modern medicine that were carefully kept hidden from human eyes. Learn more at:


If you think that modern antibiotics can save you, you are grossly running short of wit. Health Ranger Mike Adams opines that as a matter of fact, antibiotics are slowly killing people by paving the way for superbugs. According to the latest report published in The Guardian, the chief medical officer of Britain has described the onset of superbugs as ‘a catastrophic threat’ to the people and has called for urgent action on an international level. In fact, there has been no new development in antibiotics since 1987 and no more research is likely going to be carried out in the near future. More of the story is covered at:


Natural News reports that the rise of superbugs due to excessive usage of antibiotics is posing an ‘apocalyptic threat’ to overall existence of human beings on earth. It is now reported that in the very near future even simple infections would become impossible to  treat with antibiotics thus giving rise to more complications and ultimately resulting in the death of the patient. As per reports by The Guardian, modern antibiotics would become obsolete in just about 20 years. Get to know more of this at:  

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