Monday, March 4, 2013

Monsanto signs the UN Agenda 21 while grip against GMOs tightens

Bush's third term is in effect:

Natural News: "U.S. government can order killing of American citizens by secret drone strikes"

GMO contamination of world's food supply continues, just as Bush would have had it had he been elected a 3rd time.

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The UN Agenda 21 has long been criticized for its designs of keeping people confined in small micro cities and completely depriving them of their property. But now this plan has found a new dimension as Monsanto has joined the agenda. Natural News reports that Monsanto, the biotech giant, has recently joined World Business Council for Sustainable Development in order to push further with the “Agenda 21.” Previously, oil companies, banks and other multinational corporations had expressed their thoughts in favor of this plan and now Monsanto, which is already infamous, has joined the cohort.


It is being reported by The New American that it is a well drafted plan of eliminating the social as well as national sovereignty and a method of enslaving free people in the name of sustainability. It has been revealed that once Agenda 21 is implemented, no such thing called personal property, free travel, personal freedom and privacy will exist. Monsanto has already made life on Earth almost like hell by infesting the market with GMO seeds and crops and now it is going to embark on a new journey to make life more miserable.


However, some progress has been made in the fight against GMOs. HB 1407, which is being regarded as the successor to Proposition 37, is now gathering huge public opinion in favor of GMO labeling of foods. Natural News reports that neither Monsanto nor the FDA would be able to manipulate or rig the votes this time. Though it is currently being implemented in the state of Washington, gradually, the whole nation will come under it. HB 1407 is expected to make the issue of GMO labeling more transparent; thus significantly curtailing the influence of the corporate giants like Monsanto, BASF, Bayer and DuPont.

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