Thursday, March 7, 2013

Organic foods — The solution for the only acceptable future of food

The global population is on a steady increase and as a result, there is  ever escalating pressure on the food production and distribution industry. Moreover, products supplied by the multinational food and beverage companies are nothing but reliable chemical agents for making people sick. Natural News opines that only organic farming holds the key to having an abundant supply of healthy food in the future. Home-grown vegetables can prove to be an important contributor to the nationwide production of vegetables. During both world wars, U.S. citizens were encouraged to grow their own food in Victory Gardens in order to reduce the burden on the food industry. By the end of World War II, it was seen that Victory Gardens produced almost 40 percent of the total food supply in America during the years of war. The complete news article about the production of organic foods is posted at


As far as organic agriculture is concerned, Russia can be regarded as a trendsetter for the rest of the world. In Russia, most of the food that is consumed throughout the country comes from innumerable family-owned, organic farms. Russians have the freedom to cultivate their own lands without government interference and thus can develop healthy farming communities throughout the country. The government in Russia actually encourages family farming that contributes significantly to the nation’s economy.


A few years ago, it was calculated that around 35 million family farms throughout Russia produced almost half of the country’s total milk supply, 87 percent of the total fruit production, 60 percent of the total meat production, 92 percent of the total potato production and 77 percent of the total vegetable supply. Russia has an average growing season of 110 days every year due to its extreme icy weather. So, the productivity in America through this farming process is likely to increase many times over as America has a higher number of days in an average growing season every year, reports Natural News in its nes article posted at

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