Thursday, May 23, 2013

14AndOut; The organic method to stop smoking - recommended by the Health Ranger!

Did you know most tobacco in the USA  is GMO?

Welcome to 14AndOut, the all natural method and the easiest, most reliable way to stop smoking within 14 days! You now have the chance to make one of the best choices of your lifetime. By choosing 14AndOut, you can decide to make your life better and the life of those around you. I not only believe that you will stop smoking after learning this program, but I strongly believe you will never light up a cigarette again, as long as you live. You already have the drive to quit, and now you have the tools and the knowledge. The answer is in your hands right now! Do not put it down. Follow the path to enlightenment. 14AndOut will welcome you to the non-smoker family.

The Natural Method – 14AndOut

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The Organic Method – 14AndOut

The Authentic Method – 14AndOut

The best stop smoking program in the world

YouTube, Flickr, U-Stream, Twitter and Natural News are just the beginning of the on line and social media frenzy that’s sweeping the nation and the world, teaching smokers how to quit in a 60 minute video and the new book which is about to hit book shelves all over the world.

Check out any or all of the 23 professional articles have now been published on

Thank you S.D. Wells and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural for all of your support! You guys are the best!

Also check out the supporting blog sites, make comments, and learn more about staying smoke free for life!

1.Freedom 4U Starts Now!

The “Freedom 4U” site has over 200 pages written by me in just the last 6 months.

2.The Stop Smoking King!

3.Quit Smoking in 14 Days!

4. Don’t Eat Cancer:

Here are more links to the cure for the smoking or the toxic food addictions:

Link to “Don’t Eat Cancer” cancer prevention book sales page: (Over 24,000 views)

Link to “14AndOut”stop smoking program sales page: (over 75,000 views)

Link to “14AndOut” main multi-media main web page


Link to Skype video discussing 14AndOut with Mike Adams of Natural News:

Testimonials prove 14AndOut works!

These are just some of hundreds of emails about people’s new freedom:

"Thank you for helping me free myself from that awful habit! Donna M: a 35 year smoker now an ex-smoker!"

"It has been around 4 or 5 months since I quit tobacco. I never even think about it anymore. I will never EVER, EVER go back to tobacco. The toxic tobacco cancer industry has lost a customer for life, and I say that with great delight! If someone had told me 6 months ago how easy it really is to quit once you know helps people, instead of the other side - that gets rich off people's misery. I can't thank you enough, keep up the great work, thanks again, Robbie"

"I quit 4 days after starting 14andout! Once you explained to me about my breathing habit and about ammonia and pesticide in the tobacco, I followed everything else you said to do, including the supplements and I don't even have cravings anymore!!! Thank you, Mike G."

Quit smoking!

end the habit

best program!

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Recommended by Mike Adams

Nutrition program recommended by David Wolfe

You can forever end anxiety, nervousness and sickness

60 Minute Empowerment program with nutritional guide

Escape nicotine right now

Youtube sensation 14AndOut

Natural News Exclusive Empowerment Program is All Natural

Natural Method

90% Success Rate

Celebrating 14 months of success with 14AndOut

Testimonials pouring in!

Quit cigarettes right now

Yes you can quit smoking, here's how

Stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less!

How great would your life be without cigarettes

No patches, no pills, no gum, no hypnotherapy

Chemical knowledge, behavior modification and nutritional guide

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Best program to quit smoking

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The secrets to quitting Big Tobacco does NOT want you to know

Ex-smoker reveals the keys to quitting

Military smokers can quit


Do it for your family

Quit for 2013 - follow up on your new year resolution

Smoking addiction similar to gambling - find out how to quit

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