Thursday, May 23, 2013

FIND SALT WATER to swim in this summer, not chlorine and feces-laden public swimming pools!


More and more people are buying salt water hot tubs, Jacuzzi’s salt water swimming pools, or they are vacationing where they are clean ocean waters and bays because swimming pools are full of chlorine, other peoples medications, fluoride, e-coli bacteria, urine and feces. Don’t believe me, just check out the natural news recent coverage of this:

The researchers also discovered genetic material from bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa in 59 percent of pools. This bacteria has a tendency to cause skin rashes and ear infections.”


There are some basic differences between a saltwater hot tub and a conventional, chlorine-based tub. Salt-water hot tubs will often use Bromine instead of chlorine, which has fewer odors, a more neutral smell and tends to be less harsh on the skin and eyes. Salt-water can actually be better for your spa since you should not have to use powders to clean it. Since the Bromine keeps it clean and bacteria free, fewer harsh cleaning agents are required for regular upkeep. The skin benefits of ocean water have been talked about, and girls even use salt water to style their hair! Saltwater spas have far less salt content than the ocean, but the same great benefits from the saltwater including those that help your skin, stress levels, and overall health.”


So many kids come home from public pools with ear infections and skin rashes. There’s no wonder why. Combine that with taking showers and baths at home in chlorinated tap water that comes from municipal “cleaning systems” that don’t do their job, and you’ve got compounded health problems. And if you drink tap water on top of all that, well then you’re just asking for health issues. There are lots of options and you and your family can stay away from public pools all together. Want to learn more about water purification systems?


Superbugs are popping up everywhere, and humans need a better defense now more than ever. The antibiotics of yesterday aren’t working. The germs, bacteria, viruses, they are building immunity to the 3 major classes of antibiotics that the Allopathic Western Med world has to offer, and swimming pools, hospitals and pesticide loaded vegetation are all breeding superbugs. Your defense comes from eating right, taking organic powerful supplements and avoiding public polluted pools and never drinking tap water. If you can afford to put in filters in your home for the sinks and shower, and if you can afford to buy a salt water hot tub or go to the ocean for your vacation, absolutely do so. If you can’t afford such healthy benefits and “luxuries” then you should find a fresh water lake that doesn’t have corporate chemicals spilling into it and swim there. Remember, the skin is the largest organ, and if you swim in chlorine and feces your blood is “absorbing” the toxins. Protect yourself and your family from infected waters and superbugs. Be smart this summer. Find all natural ways to cool down, like pure water and salt water spas. Ask a friend or neighbor to share, or plan the ultimate vacation at a beach or huge fresh lake.


Educate yourself. You may not know these statistics offered up by Natural News:

More nasty pool habits:

1 in 5 Americans admit to urinating in public pools, rather than get out and head to the bathroom.

Nearly half - 47 percent - have admitted to at least one of the following behaviors, according to LiveScience:

One-third (35 percent) say they don't shower before entering the pool;

Up to 63 percent were unaware of illnesses associated with swallowing, breathing or having contact with contaminated pool water;

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