Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mega food, not mega stress! Natural News has answers – simple ones!


Most people are simply overwhelmed by food, drink and skin care products that they just can’t even try to “be healthy” or they get stressed out and think they spent too much money or “organic” and so forth. If you meet them and talk to them about “getting healthy” in one way or another, inevitably, within a few minutes of good conversation, they always say it, “There’s just too many things to worry about.” Well, that is one way of looking at it that should be respected, because people do stress out, and stress alone can prove to be more detrimental to health than bad food, bad drink, and bad skin care products, all together.


But another angle to respect is the health enthusiast’s angle of simplicity, of basically breaking down all the toxins into a few main categories, and just going from there, into the great beyond, of organic freedom.


Here’s a start that’s simple and frank, and anyone can begin this routine the second they are done reading the next paragraph, and without exception, will find remarkable changes to daily health, vitality, energy, focus and just plain ole’ consciousness. Face it, you need food and products that support life, sustainability and critical thinking. You need to survive and thrive, to be happy, healthy, safe and wealthy in today’s “crazy” marketplace.


So here you go: download the smart phone app “fooducate” and scan all barcodes on all food and drinks for GMO, gluten, bleach, MSG and aspartame. Do not ever eat those foods which register those ingredients. Next, never ever drink water from the tap. That means no water fountains, no soda, no corn syrup fruit juices, and no Dasani bottled water. Now, next you will want to avoid flu shots and vaccines, dangerous toxic pharmaceuticals and research natural remedies for everything. Food is nature’s medicine, not some crap they compose in a lab by mixing bacteria, viruses, GMO, msg and aluminum! Finally, buy organic vegetables and juice them. It’s easy. Go on line and find a juicer you like. They are as inexpensive as $100.00 if your budget is tight. Then go to a farmer’s market and ask questions about how they grow there veggies, whether they use pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or fungicide. This is very important. Do not eat BUG and WEED KILLER!


Get on line and go to the Natural News Store and get Superfoods, organic herbs and tinctures, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C (the good kind Mike Adams sells), chlorella, and chia seeds. Start juicing right away and wash it all down with real spring water. You are set. See how simple that was, is?!  Keep it simple. Don’t get overwhelmed with choices, just follow that “yellow brick road” to good nutrition. This path is a million times cheaper than eating bad food and bad medicine. Also, check out skin care products that are organic, like shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste without fluoride, and so on. Enjoy your healthy life, be natural, and be a thinker who is independent, relaxed and happy.



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