Monday, May 13, 2013

The dreadful truth related with some "fantastic" cuisines, including RAT BURGERS IN CHINA

There are so many lip smacking cuisines that are flooding China and among those, the ratburger deserves special mention. Consumed by large number of people, the horrifying truth behind this food item never reaches the ear of fast food lovers. These burgers come with rice which is made out of plain plastic and the sesame seeds used on top of the buns, come from human hair, which contain I-cysteine amino acid. This acid is used as a dough enhancer and is obtained from human hair which is collected from the saloons in China.

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The buns that are used for these burgers are full of black sesame seeds which have been dipped in black ink. This has been going on for quite some time. According to Natural News, one can get these burgers with Melamine Milkshake which is full of melamine substance that can give rise to failure of kidneys. These can surely give rise to some fatal diseases in the end.

Not only such food products, but those which are high in GMO can also give rise to some dreadful diseases. It is hard to find the food items which are not full of this harmful substance, as government makes it a point to secretly hide the presence of this substance in the label. According to Natural News, a campaign, sponsored by Organic Consumers Association urge the health lovers to shelf label the products that contain GMO in it. Although, it is entirely sickening to health and moral codes to use GMO or CAFO practices, still the grocery store owners fail to mention clearly whether their food products contain GMO or not. Being a responsible citizen, it is the duty of every citizen to know where the meats are coming from, to avoid any sort of health effects in future.


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