Friday, May 10, 2013

Natural News Blog Inside Story: The real truth behind Welch's fruit juice

Welch is a family oriented business that deals with refrigerated cocktails. These are available in different exotic flavors such as Dragon mango fruit cocktail, pineapple orange apple and also strawberry peach, to name a few. Everyone can find these juices in local stores, stacked in refrigerators. These are much in demand among buyers, with beautiful pictures of juicy splashy fruits on top. On top of every carton it is clearly mentioned that these juices contain more corn syrup than real fruit.  Now the main question remains, if the corn syrup is derived from GMO corn or not.

According to Natural News, these juices from Welch are labeled deceptively. The official website of Welch always makes it a point to hide the ingredients that they use for making these juices from the customers. They always show the nutritional facts but never the ingredients. Actually, these juices are made out of more corn syrup than any fruity extracts. The label and the picture also omit any picture of corn, even though fructose corn syrup is one of the most prominent ingredients used in this field.

In the annual report of Welch, the company owners admit it clearly that they know that customers now prefer to avoid HFCS. According to them, high amount of fructose corn syrup is an absolute no-no for people, but on the other hand, they start making more and more food items that are high in this ingredient. Only if people care to read the ingredients list, then they can get to know about the uses of high concentrated fructose corn syrup that the company is using.  According to Natural News, products by Welch are not at all GMO free. It is better to avoid such food juices for a healthy life.

Animals won't touch GMO corn when given the choice between it and real corn. It's no wonder why. They don't want to eat pesticide and die. They must be able to smell it. It's a shame humans don't have that instinct. But wait. There's a solution to all this GMO madness!
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