Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The philosophy related with empowerment and control and a little about afterlife

There are times when people need to decide whom to trust. According to Natural News, the steps for figuring this out are quite simple to follow. However, before judging anyone, it is better to acquire good knowledge related with control and empowerment, the two most powerful terms.  This will not only help you to differentiate between the good and evil, but will make you understand more about those who are influencing your world.

As mentioned, you first need to know about control and empowerment. The good "ones" are going to empower you with valuable advice, skills and knowledge. Empowerment always denotes good. On the other hand, control means to snatch freedom for one’s self, extracting or robbing from others, always commanding more. The U.S. political body has always tried to “employ” the control mode on their citizens.

But there is an afterlife that everyone needs to appreciate. Everyone must think about their deeds before enjoying their eternal soul or the life after death. The world beyond is an everlasting expanse, with more than anyone can possibly think of. According to Natural News, life after death is more real than what one enjoys on Earth.  Even before anyone knows it, the judgment day will come. According to all religious texts and preaching, all will be judged on their deeds on Earth in their afterlife. We will be tested on our love, compassion, humanity and also virtue. Therefore, it is advisable to believe in afterlife and work accordingly.

The U.S. government officials need to take measures accordingly so that they can enjoy their afterlife, rather than living in pain. Each and every soul is going to taste their own outcomes and will be judged on their deeds. There is no spiritual program available where one can simply “wash” off bad deeds.

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