Friday, June 14, 2013

China is destroying GM corns shipping from the U.S

It is now a known fact that the GMO crops are one of the leading reasons behind the growing cancer among those who are consuming these for a certain time period. According to the latest research works from Natural News, the Chinese government is destroying large shipments associated with GM or genetically modified corn seed coming from the U.S. This action took place after the crops were discovered by various import officials in different location across the whole area. Minimum three GM crop shipments were detected at Wanzai Port located in Zhurai City, near Macau. These were destroyed just after the government officials discovered their presence. Other than that, there are 21 more cartons full of GM crops which weights over 250 pounds. These were destroyed by the officials in the northern Chinese area of Harbin.

According to Natural News, as per the Chinese laws, any GMO crops which are imported in the country must go through all the required food safety tests which will be conducted by the Chinese health institutions but not by the biotechnology industry. Then after the examination takes place, the result will be first submitted by the Chinese minister who is associated with the agricultural field and then to the National Biosafety Committee for more tests to be performed. If the result matches up with the strict safety measures then the shipping transaction will be approved by the government.

As per the latest news, China has five GM plants which are commercialized domestically since 1997. The organization responsible for the approval of the GM crops which are imported from the U.S. is MOA. The main or the lead authority who deals with negotiation of the Cartagena Protocol related with Biosafety is SEPA.


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