Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GMO fish abomination, the eel-like salmon, backfires on evil science and “AquaAdvantage”


It was supposed to grow twice as big as normal, but basically just the opposite happened. The salmon being bred for “twice the size – twice the profits” has become a genetic Franken-nightmare for the creators, the likely consumers, and worse, for Mother Nature. Genetically altered animals in the wild: The new fish is more aggressive and can find food and “out game” the natural salmon. They aren’t as big but they are different, and CAN BREED, with salmon and with other fish, contrary to what the MANUFACTURER/BREEDERS said and submitted to the FDA.


Added hormone makes the fish produce hormones ALL YEAR LONG.


 If humans eat hormone-laden food like conventional milk and meat, every day, they have a very high chance of getting cancer from hormone overload. When the hormones are so “out of wack” the human body grows tumors, and these come in the form of breast or prostate cancer, and sometimes testicular cancer. See the connection? Heck, if you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours they tell you to see your doctor!


What are these “aggressive” new species of mutants going to do out there in the ocean, because you know these idiotic mad scientists and their evil companies could care less if they escape, in fact, many suspect they release GMO on purpose, to infect the organic world so they can sue the organic farmers for stealing. This is on court record all over the United States and the lawyers represent Monsanto!


How did the FDA and AquaAdvantage test this beast, by using a taste test?


What rigorous trials did the hormone-laden salmon go through, with rats and monkeys and other testing “guinea pigs?” Are humans the only real test for food safety? A long term trial period called “shortened life.” The trial test probably involved some huge benefit dinner at the most expensive restaurant in DC or New York, during the holidays last winter, serving up some WILD CAUGHT fish with some organic spinach. The lobbyists all sat around with Big Pharma CEOs and Senators, and the FDA heads sat at another table with a few Judges and their lawyers. The Merck guys sat with AquaAdvantage shareholders, who were seated across the table from Monsanto and Bayer. It was a beautifully run “experiment” and the investors are all delighted. One problem. If the Frankenfish “escape” from their tanks, like the GM Wheat somehow did, well, then we’ve got more than a field contamination, we have oceans contaminated with GM, and Natural News says this could reap havoc on the entire ecosystem of the world.


FDA secretly legalizes GM salmon during holidays while nobody was watching!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038501_GM_salmon_FDA_GMO.html#ixzz2VuWksuK3


This just in from Natural News desk: GM hybrid salmon effectively reduced the overall growth of GM salmon by 82 percent, and non-GM salmon by 54 percent, which completely reverses any alleged benefit of GM salmon in the first place.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040725_GM_salmon_AquAdvantage_genetic_experiments.html#ixzz2VuWIn28e




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