Monday, June 3, 2013

GM foods and chemicals causing cancer and death


It would seem bizarre but it is a fact that cancer is edible. The seed of cancer, most of the time, remains hidden in what you eat daily. In fact, your food habits can play an important role in shortening your life and paving the way for an early death. Most of the junk foods that have become staple diet for many are laden with cancer causing toxic elements that can make a person sick in no time. Aspartame in beverages, fluoridated water and even the chemicals in cosmetic products can cause serious health hazards to a person. Know more of this at .


While the genetically modified products continue to fall heavy upon the health of the general people, Syngenta Corporation is busy in covering up the death of livestock fed with GM corn. Natural News reports that the company is now facing criminal charges after it tried to hide the fact from the public. According to Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji four cows died shortly after consuming the Frankencorn, a product of Syngenta. Gottfried Gloeckner, a German farmer, has filed a lawsuit against Syngenta stating that four of his cows died after consuming the Bt 176 corn from Syngenta, but the company has denied the charges that the Bt 176 was a faulty product, thou it paid Gloeckner a lump sum amount as compensation. In order to get an insight of the story, visit .


So, what is the way out of this deadly situation? The only way that can help you get rid of the hypocrisy is healthy lifestyle. In an interview with Morgan Spurlock, Mike Adams explores the methods of healthy living. Morgan is a well known health expert and is absolutely candid in his evaluation of the cancer industry and several ‘disease groups’ who actually gain power when more people are sick. Know more on the interview at . 



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