Friday, June 21, 2013

Keep calm and sue the NSA for invasion of YOUR privacy; Rand Paul will help you

Call your lawyer, if you have one, because you can SUE the NSA! Natural News informs you of your privacy rights


How much will you settle for, “out of court” when the NSA pays you off to just shut up and go away? That’s what the corporations do, don’t you know. Big Pharma does it too. When a child almost dies from some toxic vaccine combo, they just pay off the family before it ever goes to trial, so they’ll shut up, not talk to the news, and just go away, so the toxic jab manufacturers can go about the same business of dishing out human killer and getting away with making a fortune doing it.


How much will you settle for, when you win in court, proving that NSA invaded your privacy, your Bill of Rights, so that you can go about your private life, making phone calls, sending emails, and going to see doctors that don’t share all your info with the IRS, the FEDS, the DHS, the FDA, and of course, Monsanto.


Is your lawyer Pro Bono? You know, where you don’t have to pay a dime unless you win your case or get a settlement? That would be perfect. You could sue the NSA, without risking a dime of your hard earned, net profit money that’s already taxed twice, and you could put all the winnings into some organic land and organic seeds and grow your own food for the rest of your life!


Please join Rand Paul and other civil liberties advocates as we all sue the NSA and a government addicted to its own power.

Rand Paul is telling the U.S. citizens how to do exactly this. Sue the NSA. Natural News has complete coverage. It’s so unbelievable but its really happening!

Join me in suing the NSA over illegal spying, says Rand Paul!


First of all, there isn’t a terrorist in the world who gives a crap about my medical records, my private emails, or my posts. There isn’t a terrorist in the world who cares one cent about my organic garden in my front yard, or my consumption of raw milk and raw NON-GMO food. There isn’t a terrorist anywhere who uses social media to illegally track voters or to sell America toxic medicine. No, leave all that up to the Obama onslaught of George W. tactics and illegal “legislation” like the Patriot Act. Perfect name - the patriot act, as they always name a movement or some “evil” amendment the exact opposite of what it entails. It should have been called the the post 9/11 Traitor Act. Or the Invasion of Privacy Act.

That’s right, The war on terror is a war on YOUR EMOTIONS. Do you fear walking out of your front door every day? Your chance of being attacked by a terrorist on U.S. soil is slim to none, my friends. You have a better chance of being hit by a meteor. Your best bet is to watch out for drunk drivers and purse snatchers, if you’re worried about crime near your home. Most “terror” events you hear about on tv or read in the lying newspaper are staged by feds who promote the hyping of your FEAR emotion. Imagine, you may actually believe right now that your medical records, emails and posts are all property of the government because they are protecting you from terrorists who use all of this information to terrorize you and America, because they are jealous of our way of life! This is the premise of the Patriot Act and NDAA. No Bill of Rights for you, as an inconvenience of protection and safety from your FEDS. Go team!


“Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is standing with the American people on this issue. Rand is calling on tens of millions of Americans to join him in a lawsuit that challenges the NSA's illegal spying. Paul is poised to take the issue all the way to the Supreme Court level and he is not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have already joined him, as he challenges the powers that be.”

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