Monday, June 17, 2013

So you finally got on the “GLUTEN-FREE TRAIN” but is that enough?

What does vegetarian or vegan really entail? Does everybody know everything they need to know about healthy eating just because they can say they are one of those two? Yes, gluten is mutant food glue that holds toxins inside your body for long periods of time, sometimes even months or years. Yes, gluten usually contains genetically modified organisms, which can infect your organs, change your cells, your DNA, and weaken your immunity to disease. Yes, gluten slows down all of your systems, can stick in your colon and cause cancer. Yes, I know you know that, but is that information enough to keep your digestive system in tact and running on all cylinders?


Picture this in your head: Ant killer is sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s. The kind that works the best is the poison that doesn’t kill the ants right away, but allows them to take poison back to the mound, the Queen ant, so she will eat it and stop producing, and then they all die off, not just the ones that came into your house. This is how GLUTEN functions. You take it into your body, and instead of your body doing the job of cleansing itself of this bug killer and weed killer (RoundUp), your body takes it to the “Queen,” which is your blood, your heart, your cleansing organs, and it gets stuck there, so the system has to feed off of it for long periods of time. If some toxic glue got stuck against your skin for weeks, how would your skin look? Would it be irritated, broken out in hives, or decaying? Would you go to your doctor for allergy medicine, or would you stop sticking toxic glue to your skin?


The “gluten” philosophy of poison “sticking” to your insides, that theory, it can be applied across the board with other foods. You see, many vegans and vegetarians get their food info from magazines and “health food” stores that still sell “crappy” dead, toxic food, they just pretend to be helpful and tasty. There are a million vegan and vegetarian recipe guides, cooks and books that are completely on the WRONG path, and will misled you and misrepresent balanced nutrition. Watch out friends! TV shows and cooking shows can steer you completely wrong. They’ll mention a few things you heard good things about, but then you’re lead down a destructive path, right into the “other meat” or “whole grains” or “light” and “zero” calorie food products which wreck your central nervous system and send you right to an MD for a prescription of lab made pharmaceuticals, that vicious cycle of chronic care.


Natural News covers VEGAN and VEGETARIAN issues that arise for many who think they’ve got it made, but don’t. There is time to change, like right now:


Gluten-free foods often loaded with refined sugar, processed oils, synthetic additives”

Learn more:


If your food is boxed, chances are it’s horrible for your health. What about veggie burgers? Are you good to go just because it says “gluten free”?


Who really regulates organic and does USDA care if heavy metals are in your food?


The Health Ranger Mike Adams does extensive research to find out if labels mean what they say. Get the knowledge and have the power to filter chemicals out of your daily intake.


Check out the Global Remedy Investigator, who follows Mike Adams and reports on his findings. If you must eat meat, eat the right kinds!


If you really want to be a smart VEGAN or VEGETARIAN, check out the Natural News store and read the reviews of the healthiest products on the planet:


Want to manage your weight the sensible, long term way?


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