Thursday, June 27, 2013

Natural News covers: The spreading of irrational fears about taking vitamins, a hidden agenda of Big Pharma


Could vitamins shorten your lifespan? This is a typical tricky question, and some of the propaganda being spread now in “Alternet’s” Personal Health section, believe it or not. It looks like some kind of press release from a vaccine manufacturer you may remember popping up in the news … all the time … (Merck). Mike Adams always uncovers these turns of events when nobody else will, you know, those iconic events that open a whole new line of thinking and an examination about whether growing companies still have your good health in first interest, and you have to rethink all of your own vitamin/supplement choices. Are you taking gelatin? Are you eating sucralose or sorbitol? Are you eating actual rocks? Are your vitamins dead? Are your calcium supplements killing you slowly? How many people really believe they can go to Kmart or Walmart or the typical grocery store and get real vitamins. People load up on toxic multi-vitamins and toxic vitamin C and calcium too. And this shortening of life becomes the focus of the question, the real answer to the tricky propaganda question. This is the “shorten your lifespan” part of the story, that Big Pharma vitamins DO shorten your lifespan.


Don’t let Big Pharma and MONSANTO scare you off the path of longevity and health freedom. Natural News Store has reliable and quality assurance from the Health Ranger, Mike Adams.


Could vitamins shorten your lifespan? - This question is an attempt to get people who are on the right path with vitamins and supplements to SECOND GUESS their whole regimen, their own “status quo”. It’s reverse psychology and Alternet has sold into that line of business strategizing, so to speak. It’s NOT all about the money? Right.


Alternet has a track record of good reporting, until this “integrity suicide” and they hurt their own writers. Natural News has more: “Alternet abandons its history of questioning the status quo” 


On selling out to corporate interests: Flush your morals. That’s what you do when you “switch sides” in business, from that reputable to that scum, where you do it all for the money, and meanwhile you run around saying “It’s not about the money.”


This should be on the cover of all the magazines. Sellouts are said to have “bought in” ironically, and they really dove head first into the deep end here. When you’re not authentic, all the authentic people realize it right away, and they stop visiting your website. It’s as simple as that. End of business “acquaintance.” Just delete from “favorites” list on the laptop/iphone. Alternet readers are outraged! This is like when New Chapter sold out.


Natural News covered that too! “Procter & Gamble, the global corporate conglomerate that sells a vast array of consumer products containing cancer-causing chemicals and petroleum derivatives, is now the proud owner of New Chapter, one of the more promising nutritional supplement companies we've seen in a while. New Chapter co-founder Paul Schulick announced, "For us, this has been a dream come true. This is what we have been wanting to do since we started doing this 30 years ago. The world and the United States need this." (

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“Once you move to high-end, food-based nutrients like those offered by the Megafood company (or Pure Synergy and many others), you get extraordinary health benefits from taking these vitamins. And nutrients like vitamin D have been shown to help prevent up to 78% of all cancers, all by itself!”

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