Monday, June 24, 2013

Weight loss surgery makes you vulnerable to worst nutrition in the world

Remove gut flora, kill it, infect it, feed it pesticide or insecticide, it doesn’t matter, if you’re going to cut anything out of your body, first cut your consumption of chemicals, the bad food and bad medicine that ruins good bacteria, and you cut the head off the snake. But then, what do all the lazy Americans do, and the ones almost at their death bed? What do all the people do that have bad eating habits, and will acquire totally different BAD eating habits in the hospital, and during “recovery,” and forever, if they are not told the truth by their doctors and nurses, who never learned what they really needed to know. Good gut flora is easy to come by, but so is GMO. Good digestion and good heart health is available for less than fat slash and removal surgery. You can shrink your stomach by eating broccoli and cauliflower, but who knew? Why is that? Because your stomach believes it is FULL when it is half full of vegetables. Raw organic vegetables, not synthetic bug and weed killing vegetation, brewed up by the people who use a scalpel to cut out the meat, milk, animal fat and gluten 200,000 morbidly obese Americans just can’t stop eating and drinking.



What do HOSPITALS feed their patients after WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY?


Ever heard of Ensure, protein shake? There are a lot of them out there, and doctors and nurses recommend you drink this crap after surgery, for all that protein you get, from just about every processed GMO vegetable oil out there, like Canola and corn oil that gives rats cancer tumors. You need your protein friend of the hospice, because it will help you recover, from eating GMO and gluten, and from ignoring health advice and natural health news. Yes, the hospital offers you Sweet-n-Low for your coffee or tea, and they have all the great GMO food at the cafeteria too, for all the genetically modified doctors and nurses who work on you. Who read you the results of your GMO extraction procedure, while they recommend you eat and drink GMO for recovery, while they tell you about a new diet, that causes cancer, that SECRET disease noone can seem to find a cure for, and nobody knows about organic supplements, and juicing vegetables. And nobody at the hospital seems to ever talk about Superfoods. The AMA would shut them down, maybe sue them for malpractice. They tell you it’s bad food that got you to the operation table, but they give you bad food and say it’s what you need NOW. Right.


Ok, so what’s the WEIGHT LOSS SECRET?         




Go 100% organic right now!


“Skipping gastric bypass and opting for changes in gut bacteria instead”

“By narrowing in on gut bacteria composition, further studies showed that the "slimming" bacteria helped raise the body's metabolism, helping patients burn calories faster. The "slimming" bacteria were also found to extract fewer calories from food, whereas fattening bacteria extract as much as possible.”


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