Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cancer victims in U.S. to double or triple over next 3 years thanks to EPA


Many of the richest people in America are evil. They have no ethics, no morals, and no principles that guide their “business” world. Many of the wealthiest individuals invest in the demise of the average Americans, who do not do any research at all on the food they eat, the drink they drink, or the medications their doctors (allopathic witchdoctors) prescribe for their symptoms. These evil business people invest in toxic food and the companies that manufacture pesticides. They invest in the healthcare companies, equipment, and facilities that treat pesticide disease (cancer) and they pay for the commercials that advertise (fake) medication for pain, stress, depression and anxiety caused by toxic food. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds itself, as people feed themselves, and the genetically modified food nation becomes more and more addicted to junk science.


But sometimes, that’s not enough. Sometimes it’s not even about the money. Sometimes these ALREADY FILTHY RICH “humans” want power. There comes a point where money doesn’t even change their lives, so they just like the control. Some innocent (dumb) people think that pointing out this fact is “conspiracy theory.” It sound too crazy to be true. Those are the same people who deny the Holocaust happened, and those are the same people who think Pearl Harbor and 9/11 had no “advance notice.”


Now, Monsanto and Obamacare aren’t enough to give enough people cancer and get away with it over the next 3 years, so we have the new KING of power over toxic food, the EPA, the environmental protection agency. This is the front end of food pollution, and the laws of the land regarding how much insecticide and herbicide is allowed in human bodies. How quickly are Americans allowed to be poisoned, that’s the new determination and you can bet the Hedge Funds are swelling on this beast of an investment.


Glyphosate is toxic to humans. As it kills weeds in the crop fields of America, it’s also in the seeds now, and most people have no clue. Now the EPA is raising the already super high levels allowed in food, and this is in the form of “Residue.”

Did you know Romney's first job at Bain Capitol was to help market MONSANTO?
Here's the story on that: http://www.naturalnews.com/037327_romney_monsanto_bain.html

"One year before Mitt Romney began working on the Bain & Company project to rebuild "Monsanto" and cast their new image and focus on agriculture biotechnology, Congress passed a bill banning PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl), an odorless, tasteless, clear liquid known to cause cancer that was the "bread and butter" of Monsanto's profits. Monsanto was already branded and plagued with the label of having created the "Agent Orange" contaminated dioxins used in Vietnam. Now Monsanto would need a big save, financially and reputation-wise, so they could fool the public with their new image and a new "frontier," while secretly polluting and genetically modifying American agriculture with the new faceless poison known as Roundup."

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037327_romney_monsanto_bain.html#ixzz2ZsNo1oO2



Who has cancer in America right now and doesn’t know it? How soon will that tumor grow to a size detectable by the QUACK doctors in the hospitals, just waiting to make their million off your chemo and radiation treatment, and off your unnecessary surgery? Who’s cancer, which could recede and go away completely from an organic food regimen, who’s cancer will increase two to threefold in the next 3 years, while Obama reigns supreme and his MONSANTO – FDA team of scientists and sick freaks increase the amounts of BUG AND WEED KILLER in the soy and corn, the two most consumed crops in the history of the world? Check the labels of everything you buy, and if it’s not organic, you will most likely see some byproduct of corn and soy. The EPA is conspiring. The FDA is conspiring. This is not a theory. These are evil rich folks making millions off your sickness. Don’t fall for it. Filter out the chemicals from your daily intake:



According to Natural News Report: “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which these days would more aptly be titled the Chemical Protection Agency, has passed a new regulation change that will massively increase the maximum allowable levels of herbicide residue in food. According to the new regulation, the EPA has doubled the amount of glyphosate (Roundup) residue legally allowed on oilseed crops like canola and soy that are intended for human consumption, even though this will create a significant public health hazard. Do you read the natural news? Do you read what matters to your health and your children’s health? This is vital. Do some research now:



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