Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Natural News opens free powerful search engine portal to millions of studies on Nutrition!

New Health Information Portal is Amazing! Thank you Health Ranger.

Are you trying to start a website, blog, or business having to do with health and wellness? Are you looking for quality research on toxins in food, or toxins in medicine, and solid science based evidence you can summarize for professional articles or posts? Mike Adams, the founder of Natural News. Com is sharing the ultimate information portal you’ve been waiting for. No more excuses or worrying about getting quality info quick so you can build your name, product, business, website, blogsite, facebook or linkd’in page, twitter or even a radio show, you can do it easily and speedily now! Make your project a reality and turn your small business into a huge winner. Succeed by sourcing, linking, quoting and ASKING the right questions to the best health search engine EVER made. Mike Adams is a genius and he has put forth this massive on line “encyclopedia” with connections to millions of resource papers and professional articles on the topics you want to know the most about, health and wellness.

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“In addition to being able to easily discover important relationships among millions of scientific studies, allows you to share the studies, post comments on studies and link back to the studies using a shortcut”


Conduct research for your book, blog, or your own news report!


Here is your FREE portal:


“Based on data provided by the taxpayer-funded National Library of Medicine, is being launched with three million scientific studies and is on track to grow by one million new studies each week until it reaches the full capacity of all known scientific studies tracked by the NLM.” Make this link one of your favorites or add it to the favorites bar on your laptop or iphone, smart phone, etc. This is your own personal high speed health search engine. Use it for college term papers, high school and elementary science, health and natural medicine research projects, science fair research and development, blog site development, and use it to help your relatives help themselves with natural foods that prevent, treat, even cure ailments, disorders and disease. No other specific search engine provides so many quality articles about the subjects that help you live a long, healthy, happy life! Spread the word. Share the links on your social media pages. Follow the natural news trackers and the Health Ranger Update. Search for natural medicine and you will find it here. Search for organic food and it’s relation to perfect health and natural immunity to food toxins, and you will find your answers fast and clear. No more fumbling through all the trash you get with Google, Yahoo and Bing, and especially Wiki, which is driven by money. This search engine question catapult is found by someone who cares about your health.

“When you browse, you are in effect bypassing thousands of hours of research it might have traditionally taken to identify such patterns and relationships. What used to take hundreds of hours of research can now be located in minutes. And when people ask you, "Well, what's the proof that curcumin helps reverse cancer and arthritis," you can easily find and share those pages”

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