Monday, July 8, 2013

Chorox "Cave Dad" marketing disaster published on Natural News by Health Ranger!

According to various TV news and commercials, men are totally idiots and are not able to even wear underwear properly if not directed by their wives. Keeping this in point, Clorex hit the advertising media with a big surprise of an advertising campaign online which is quite offensive in nature. If this ad by any chance targeted the blacks in place of the dads then it would have been an extreme example of corporate racism. According to Natural News, this ad mainly begins with the fact that dads mainly lack the power of judgment and even motor skills. They do not know the exact way to take good care of their little ones and even this ad compared dads with dogs and various other house pets for their stupidity.

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This ad even talks about six basic mistakes which new dads generally make and each one of the examples turns out to be an outrageous slur against all men. For an example, this ad shows how a dad tries putting baby’s clothes backwards and wonders why they don’t fit.

So the basic thing is to boycott all the chemical components and also the advertisements that insult the intelligence of every human being. America is a free land and every American citizen has the right to choose their own products and boycott corporate brain and health POISON, especially if those are chemically bound inside the products or foods. According to Natural News, people try to avoid various food products that might give rise to cancer or similar other fatal diseases, but they are unaware of the labels which are made to fool them. For example, doctors all over the world suggest Ensure for gaining protein but does anyone know anything at all about the chemical products which are mixed with this health drink before serving it to every individual? The answer is no. They are just a mass of GMO vegetable oils filled with pesticide!!!


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