Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slow poisoning with caramel, still a Pepsi “trademark” cancer causing “secret” ingredient


Are you drinking that brown soda again? Do you need some drugs to feel better from the SODA HANGOVER? It's quite addicting. I know it’s hard to drop. And that aspartame diet junk, or was it the regular you love so much? It’s time to wake up and smell the Pepsi: thyroid, liver and lung cancer are already determined in labs to be the issues with the byproduct produced from producing caramel coloring, which is called 4-methylimidazole. Welcome to the home of the brave and of the companies which manufacture slow death in a bottle. The worst part is they’re still doing it after getting caught. Coke too. The big guns just can’t be stopped. They can payoff just about anyone to side with them or settle. Close by choice.


Forming the 4-MEI by-product is an art, and who wants to let an art just “go” away. It’s just “murder by numbers,” like The Police song goes.




Would you like a cancer causing warning label on your food? How about ALL of it? What if the FDA wasn’t crooked, and really cared about people and their livelihood? What would be the legislation? Imagine if all the Supreme Court Justices were ethical, cool people who actually made sound decisions? Let’s label all cancer causing food, GMO, bleach, ammonia, and maybe just a few more, say, fluoride in water and insect DNA.


ONE YEAR LATER, NO CHANGE IN COKE OR PEPSI!                                                  


Natural News is reporting the following: “It was in 2011 that the state of California responded to the lab results.” So Coke and Pepsi changed how they make the caramel color only in CALIFORNIA, not for the rest of the USA! Get it? They just adjusted some levels. Yeah, levels of cancer.



“Pepsi: 4 to 8 times more poisonous”                   


Get a clue, before Pepsi moves in on YOU! Remember; tyroid, liver and lung cancer are already determined in labs to be the issues. Let me help you defeat this health nightmare called GMO. Have you downloaded the FREE phone app “Fooducate” yet? It enables you to swipe a barcode of any food product and get a rating from A to D-, based on chemical ingredients like GMO, gluten, aspartame, sorbitol, etc. It also tells you what is processed and questionable. You can text or call them with mistakes and questions and they will fix the problem or even call you! Bye bye MSG! By Bye Caramel Colorings! Yes, start figuring out about COLA toxins being left in the drink even after lab tests confirm CANCER CAUSING CHEMICALS at disturbingly high amounts. click for fooducate phone app for free. It’s great!

Be a smart consumer, 100%.




2. Generic Drug Company “immunity” in place thanks to precedent/landmark Supreme Court Decision


Imagine if you will NOT having the ability to sue a company that sells you “faulty” prescription drugs, ones that cause side effects worse than your condition being treated? What if the Highest court in the land believed ALL drug manufacturers were 100% reliable, and no human could use a lawyer to get money from them if something horrible happened. Is your BILL of RIGHTS DEAD? Who’s on drugs now? The Supreme court has lost their minds on this one. You better read this news:


"The court has left a seriously injured consumer without any remedy," wrote Justice Sonia Sotomayor, along with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan, in a dissent to the ruling. Natural News and Mike Adams are reporting on this - “recent Supreme Court ruling that effectively eliminates manufacturer liability in injury cases resulting from negative side effects.”


Imagine, the people making the drugs that cause horrific side effects can’t be sued when you, the patient, catch a wrong “dose” or freak out and wreck your car, or jump off a bridge or whatever, right. This is what this landmark, precedent case is telling the whole country. That’s what lawyers do for corporations. They beg and beg to win one case, then they use that case to run rampant with mafia style “drug” dealing crime work. The politics run even higher here, being that this was a decision that was OVERTURNED. That makes it more of a statement, and now Generic Drug Industry will go wild, and have NO checks and balances. Great investment tool Big Pharma! Call the stock brokers. Call the CEO buddies in New York and Hong Kong. Insider trading at its best, and the Supreme Court is the bookie. Better pay up when the Administration changes hands!


Most Americans believe NSA is blackmailing judges and members of Congress

JD Heyes of Natural News has this report: “"Most Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters all think the NSA is likely to have monitored those in the other branches of the government”

Learn more:



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