Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Genetically modified fruits and vegetables are hampering the lives of every individual

There are various types of fruits and vegetables which are giving rise to cancer as these are genetically modified. According to the latest finding by Natural News, the field trials related with GM BT eggplant, which is also known as Bt talong have been ceased in Philippines after a major ruling was passed by Court of Appeals of the nation itself. This court found out that Bt talong can easily possess some hazardous threats to both human health and the environment as well. Depending on this finding, they have ordered to destroy the fields which comprises of such vegetables. The fields must be blocked further so that propagation cannot take place.

Other than eggplant, the products made out of genetically modified corns are mainly hidden in the new form of HFCS, corn starch, and corn syrup are forced on the American buyers even after knowing the dreadful consequences these can give rise to. Now, people can easily find out that Bt sweet corn from Monsanto, which is the first ever product from GM corn, is easily made available to the consumers. Moreover, both Monsanto and Walmart did not find it necessary to label this product. Monsanto was the first one to unveil this form of corn in August, which on the other hand, reveals the GM sweet corn of Syngenta.

According to Natural News, there are certain important products which are genetically modified and are harmful if consumed for a stipulated time period. Some such items are cotton, corn, soy, rice, papaya, tomatoes, different types of dairy products, Rapeseed, peas and last but not least, potatoes. There are some hazardous diseases which can be prevented like cancer, by avoiding these GM products.

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