Monday, July 1, 2013

Guilty until proven innocent, U.S. cops can collect your DNA under false arrest!


Have you heard of vaccine checkpoints on the highways of the United States? You might soon. These would be road blocks set up by off duty police who ask you if you’ve had certain vaccines that protect National Security, and if you say “no” you may be asked to be injected right there on the spot. They’re already taking DNA samples at road blocks in Alabama: read this:


If you get put in jail in USA for an “alleged crime” but then are found innocent later, there is no compensation from the “system” that ruined your life, your career, your livelihood, and probably your health while incarcerated. There is no compensation for your unwarranted suffering, even if it comes from being illegally swabbed for DNA, or raped in jail, or dragged out of your home and beaten during a DHS “terrorist” search after some staged bombing takes place. You are a pawn in the big sacrifice of national security, and cops and judges are just enforcing your safety using Martial Law, without regard for your rights or the Constitution.




You have the right NOT to remain silent, to record your own false arrest, when they come for you for exercising your right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. You have the right to get an attorney who doesn’t work for Monsanto and who believes in the Constitution. You have the right NOT to vote for a fixed two party system. Any vote for the two party system will be held against you in a court of law, as they are represented by Supreme Court Justices who are paid off by lobbyists to side with political agendas. You have the right to a phone call, a judge, a jury and to defend yourself against a tyrannical out of control rogue government. You are not guilty until proven innocent. Don’t let government officials fool you into believing terrorism is all around and that you need “protection” issued as mandatory martial law, cops taking DNA samples, school systems force vaccinating children, and false flag operations you see spread all over the News and the Newspapers like wildfire, to convince you that you are NOT entitled to personal freedom and liberty.


U.S. Supreme Court has lost its mind and is throwing out the Bill of Rights, piece by piece:  Natural News has coverage:


“As reported by The New York Times (NYT), the 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court declares that law enforcement officials can legally swab the cheeks of detainees upon booking them, as well as submit this DNA evidence to national databases. Even in cases where there is no warrant for an arrest, police officers can collect DNA evidence as long as the arrest takes place in accordance with the probable cause requirements of the Fourth Amendment.”

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