Monday, July 29, 2013

"What if I found a way for you to quit cigarettes in less than 14 days"

There are roughly one million visitors every month on, and among those visitors, almost every person knows at least one smoker who would love to quit cigarettes for good. Also, every person in the world knows at least one person who is either battling cancer now or who has died from cancer, whether that person is/was a relative, neighbor, spouse, child, friend or coworker. Most people who die of lung cancer were either smokers or they lived with a smoker and inhaled the second hand smoke daily, which has proven to be just as deadly as smoking. Some people try to quit smoking using nicotine gum, some try to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs,” some people try to stop smoking using medications like Chantix or Zyban, which are very dangerous and toxic to the body, causing nightmares and feelings of suicide. Other smokers try to quit smoking using the nicotine patch, which can be dangerous also and rarely keeps smokers away from cigarettes for very long. Cigarettes are very, very powerful addiction now, and the nicotine is very “juiced up” with ammonia and other chemicals like formaldehyde, so the smoker feels so lousy that the only relief from the chemical hangover is another cigarette loaded with nicotine.

Some people think electronic cigarettes are the answer to their problems, but many find themselves still trapped in the nicotine addiction, which infests and infects the cleansing organs and can still lead to disease, disorder and death.

Have I scared you yet? I’m not trying to. Really, all I want to do is educate you about a program that doesn’t involve furthering your addiction, or giving you a new one, or even continuing the nicotine addiction for any more than 14 days. In fact, weaning yourself off of nicotine is the easiest way to quit the habit once and for all! You can learn about your chemical addiction, your behavior modification, and understand the benefits of nutrition in a new program called 14AndOut, which the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, founder and Editor of Natural News, recommends.
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