Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hormone-laden Dannon yogurt contains bug coloring and dead probiotics


If the commercial on TV says it’s good for you, it’s probably not. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about whole grain cereal, milk, meat, cheese or even yogurt. Hey kids look - it’s colorful and tastes great! Must have bugs ground up and some pesticide-laden high fructose corn syrup in it. Basically folks, TV lies, corporations lie, and people believe what they hear and see, especially if it’s repeated over and over and over. Take fluoride for example; most people still believe it’s good for your teeth because they’ve heard it so many times, from so many people, including dentists and doctors. Little do most know fluoride is a major cause of cancer, brittle bones, and fluoridosis. One of the best proported myths is that yogurt contains enzymes, probiotics and other nutritious elements. Most yogurt comes from cows that are given growth hormones and hormones that make them produce milk twice as often, which in turns gives them udder infections. This pus is passed on and is contained in many non-organic products, including yogurt. The latest bad news exposed about yogurt is the use of bugs for coloring. Who knew? Natural News enthusiasts know and they’re sharing the horror stories so people won’t go on living the lies, eating food they think is good for them, or vegetarian, or vegan, when in reality it’s GMO and contains synthetic ingredients and even insect coloring. Eating conventional, “brand name” yogurt could do more harm than good to your body. Some health enthusiasts believe they are getting beneficial enzymes and probiotics to help with gut flora, but what they’re really doing is eating food which has been altered, cooked dead, or loaded with toxins.


It’s just like children’s vitamins and multi-vitamins. Most of the ones you find in major grocery stores and pharmacies are dead, so you’re just eating rocks. This combined with tainted yogurt, fluoridated water, and a few vaccines can quickly turn a health enthusiast (who doesn’t know any better) into a walking health nightmare in need of detoxification and nutrition advice. Many people turn to Natural News for updates about companies which have thrown ethics, morals, and proper inspections to the wayside all in the name of profits, and all at the expense of the general health and welfare of the public masses.

Take action now! Click here to find out what you can do to appeal this atrocity in food:


BUG JUICE ALERT! Ground up cochineal beetles used in Dannon! You may also like the side effects of Aspartame and GMO! Do you enjoy migraine headaches, nervousness, and long term cancer? Are you allergic to eating bugs? Did you not know about this yogurt ingredient? For more information on this latest yogurt atrocity and more about chemicals in foods you may be eating regularly, tune into the Health Ranger Update and the Natural News Tracker, following natural news on a daily basis and questioning the “norm” so you can live a safe, happy, healthy life!

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