Monday, August 12, 2013

Food Industry will CHANGE and Health Ranger will focus coverage on food science and natural cures



What news could be better than the pioneer and founder of the best Natural Health News site, Natural News, announcing HUGE new platforms and science search engine development available to all. Two of these “tools” for research and communication are already released and are huge succcesses. More is on the way in last 5 months of 2013.


Health Secrets Revealed (New Show): Next month includes release date. Footage from Austin! - Covering fake ingredients in food. Watch segment on “Dangerous drinks!” Check out first 4 episodes for free.



Robert Scott Bell Show: GCN brand show. Incredible success and popularity with radio affiliates across the country. Health Ranger to be frequent guest: Click Here to Listen:


Mike Adam’s book published recently! Mike has never been afraid to publish the truth, and this will be “uplifting” and completed by end of 2013, to be available hopefully in spring of 2014. This will be a “game changer” for Natural Products Industry and all natural news enthusiasts. This re-calibrates the WHOLE natural products industry. Could make or break many sizeable companies.


Look forward to the release of this unique, breath through research made possible by Natural News supporters! Thank you Mike!


Let’s save millions of lives, have fun doing it, get smarter and kinder. Track Natural News daily. The noble goal! Find out how a great health pioneer is going to “free humanity from its enslavement and make people aware of reality.”





Natural Cures now:



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Here’s the News Tips Submission page:


Natural News Tracker supports natural medicine. Question vaccines and flu shots. Question all labels or “non-labels!” Don’t fall for the hoaxes or believe the myths. Dispel the myths!




2013 and beyond:


The Blogs Project Connection:


Turn your business ALL NATURAL! How did Mike Adams do it?




Don’t be “dumbed down” by politics. Clear the cobwebs. Get organic, get real and stay real. And don’t forget; get sponsored!



2013 and beyond at Natural News will be fantastic. Tune into Natural News Radio 24/7:

Robert Scott Bell radio show launched today
The Robert Scott Bell show launches today on the GCN radio network. It’s simultaneously broadcast by GCN and Natural News.

Check out the official announcement at:

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