Friday, August 16, 2013

Humans attacked on Planet "McNuggett" - see the Natural News Food Forensics Lab Investigation

Planet “McNugget” discovered, strange “gel-like” terrains and they have “happy meals” – Photos from Natural News Food Forensics Lab

If you took a table spoon full of clear gelatin, smeared it around on your carpet where it needs vacuuming, and viewed it under a microscope, you couldn’t come up with more gross “stuff” that what Mike Adams shows us is lurking in the typical  chicken mc- “nugget” served up at a McDonald’s somewhere in Austin, Texas. This nugget makes road kill jealous. There is no resemblance of meat anywhere in this thing called chicken, and it makes you wonder what the heck it’s really made from. I think it’s time for the Health Ranger to send his findings onward, to an actual forensics lab, so we can determine what objects, bacteria, alien hairs and mutant gel have to do with food in America, and why the FDA approves. Welcome to planet Mcnuggett (earth), where this is allowed as FOOD, but Obama’s feds are given the green light to raid organic farms, that just might have some raw milk, or some blueberries growing in the front yard. Welcome to planet “gelatin chicken” where corporations bankroll off of cancer, diabetes and heart attacks, and food industry inspections barely even exist.


Watch the Health Ranger expose the worst of the worst when it comes to food quality. I think all McDonalds does now to create chicken mcnuggetts is they take gelatin, which is all parts of all different animals, including connective tissues, hooves, heads, brains, whatever, and they add some MSG and some chicken flavoring. The “algae-looking” stuff and the hairs and fibers that look like they came off seat cushion, they are a sight to see. Any parents still even considering feeding this to their children needs to have their head examined. Sure hope they don’t check into an Obamacare chemical hospice for mgnugget injections!


“Yes, sir, welcome to mick dunald’s, would you care for a 8 piece of 20 piece Morgellon’s? (yes please). Great, would you like extra fibers and horsey sauce?” (Yes, and four diet soda’s with extra CNS disruptor, thank you so much).


Morgellons McNuggetts? Mike Adams has forensics coverage: “ … photos show, the Chicken McNuggets were found to contain strange fibers that some people might say even resemble so-called "Morgellon's." “We found dark black hair-like structures sticking out of the nugget mass, as well as light blue egg-shaped structures with attached tail-like hairs or fibers.”

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The best part is McDonald’s can’t censor this, because Mike Adams has his own TV “network” bringing us the truth, whether they like it or not.



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