Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oranges and Papayas – Are they really infected? What is the solution?

According to Natural News, the orange juice that is purchased and consumed by Americans on a regular basis is infected. The orange that comes from Florida is contaminated with a bacterium carried by the psyllid – a kind of jumping lice that tends to sour the oranges. As a result, the oranges don’t get ripe and remain half green. This disease, termed as “citrus greening”, is a serious issue, as it has already cost Florida orange growers  nearly $4.5 billion.  And this has been happening since 2005.

Ricke Kress, who is the president of Southern Gardens citrus and is in charge of two and a half million orange trees in the state of Florida, along with one thousand other Florida growers have tried to bring the issue under control using different types of measures. They have not only chopped down thousands of infected trees, but also sprayed a wide range of different pesticides at triple the normal amount. But each and every time, they have failed to tackle the issue.

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The County Council Committee on 4th September is supposed to hear two bills regarding the genetically modified crops on Hawaii's Big Island. One of the bills that is to be heard by the Committee on Public Safety & Mass Transit, Bill 109, aims to ban the growing of transgenic papayas, including the Rainbow and SunUp varieties. If this bill is passed, then the GM papaya growers will be given 30 days, within which they must cease operations. Otherwise they will face several penalties, including a fine of up to $1,000 per day.

The committee, which will meet in the Hilo council chambers at 1:30 PM, will also consider Bill 113, which allows the cultivation of GM papayas but intends to ban all other GMOs.

In comparison to GMOs or sun dried , drum dried and spray dried foods, freeze-dried foods are the best, as they retain taste, texture and nutrient content almost 100% intact. As this technique is conducted under below zero temperatures, these foods are practically “RAW” and can be consumed as snacks as well. If promoted, they are the best alternatives to all kinds of processed foods. At present, Natural News is offering freeze dried foods in small quantities.

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