Friday, September 13, 2013

What is cancer? People don’t even know. Natural News and S.D. Wells explain


I may have confused you a little already, asking you what cancer is, and I apologize. Maybe I should have asked where does it come from, or is it contagious, or is it really even a disease. Maybe it’s just a disorder. Maybe it’s just a disorder of the cells. Let’s put things in order, then. You see, once in a while, Health Basics 101 comes along, that simple explanation of a complex issue, or topic, or “disorder.” Natural News bloggers are questioning the “corporate” pursuit of the cure, because it seems the cure is in our hands, and we’re not even using it. If I had to sum up the fight, the struggle, the epidemic proportion of people who get cancer and have no idea what to do about it, I would wish them all to go 100% organic, no matter what anyone says to them, drink spring water, and buy the ultimate supplements. If I had 3 minutes to talk to them this is what I would say.


“Health Basics is this ongoing “series” if you will, on Natural News, that keeps kicking out articles that break it all down, and make things clear about a path you can trust 100% of the time because YOU are in control. One thing is clear, we want control of our bodies. We make the decisions about food, drink, and personal care products. We make that choice every time we eat, drink, take a shower, a bath, put on deodorant, chew gum, and take any supplements. We make that choice. Let’s get back to basics and consider what “Health Basics” has to say about WHAT cancer is, WHERE it comes from, and how to IMPEDE it, by blockading it’s “fuel” for good.”


“Toxins in food, water and medicine are the master fuel for the development of cancer. By eating and drinking toxins, and by putting them on our skin, humans create the environment which breeds cancer.”


What if you knew WHAT cancer was, if you could “identify” it? Would you stay away from it?


What if there were signs that told you exactly when you were about to encounter cancer, would you steer clear? What is NUTRITION 101?


One way to know if your body is battling cancer is to take the test. Yes, you take the test where you write down everything you eat for 48 hours, everything you drink for 72 hours, and everything you put on your skin or hair for one week. Then you scrub the list against the TOP cancer causing agents in the world, and calculate the results. It’s like basic arithmetic and anyone can do it!



How is the media trying so hard to fool you? Health Basics knows: Share this:


The only choice for vegetables and fruit right now is Organic. GMO and conventional have essentially merged, and only some small family farms that aren’t organic are still really organic, they just don’t all get certified. Mid sized and large family farms can sell out to corporations for big money and either give up their good name or let the corporate biotech giants change the processing to synthetic and gene mutated form. This is becoming more commonplace, so you need to get FOODUCATE, the phone app that scans barcodes and tells you if something is REALLY organic, Non-GMO, and gluten free. It tells you if you are about to eat a LOW RATED food “product.” Yes, that’s right, its called fooducate, like educate, but with food!


Download FOODUCATE now for free right here right now:



Cure cancer with organic food, spring water, medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, and more. Get the inside scoop from the Health Ranger and his awesome organic store on line. This is your ticket to health and peace of mind! You have control my friends. You make the choices, not the media or the newspaper or the fitness magazines full of big pharma ads for toxic products. You make the decisions based on research. Be proud of yourself for looking into natural solutions and natural remedies. Blog about it! Here’s your start:


Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells without Side Effects


Scientists say broccoli can cure cancer, not just prevent it
Learn more:


Mike Adams, Part III: Nutritional Cancer Cures and the Best Products on the Market


Don’t Drink Fluoridated Water. Don’t Eat Cancer. Don’t take phony, cheap Big Pharma supplements. Know the difference:


Six Cancer Fighting Medicinal Mushrooms:



NEVER eat gene mutated food!

Eat only organic.

Drink spring water.

Check out top quality organic supplements.


The cure for cancer is “in your hands.”


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