Friday, September 6, 2013

What is the “polar opposite” of the TED conference? The upcoming 2013 Breakthrough Energy conference!

What is the “polar opposite” of the TED conference? The upcoming 2013 Breakthrough Energy conference! Read all about it here

Let’s face it, there’s a big handful (the .01 percent) who want to rule the world and trash it for cash, and they are evil and more than useless. But we don’t need to concentrate on what they say, do, or want to do with all their money to defeat them, all we need to do is concentrate on the good plan, the ethical, moral, smart, and environmentally conscious plan, that protects humanity, thinking, free will, spirituality, hope, organic food, sustainable energy, sustainable technology, organic soil, organic “thinking” and liberty! This is how we should wake up thinking, and this is how we should go to be thinking. It’s not difficult, and now you can take part, either one way or another, in the evolution of revolution, the breakthrough energy conference in Colorado.


The collective consciousness is AWAKENING!




October 10 -  October 12


The 2013 Breakthrough Energy conference is well on its way. The event will feature more than 30 speakers and is set to take place at University of Colorado Boulder.


It’s an act of revolution to support free energy – STERLING ALLAN

The good news: The collective consciousness is awakening with a passionate desire to replace disharmony with harmony, scarcity with abundance, harm done with good deeds.

“The Breakthrough Energy Movement is a non-profit volunteer driven organization that seeks to educate the public about clean, sustainable breakthrough energy technologies. You can visit the Breakthrough Energy Movement website to learn more about energy technologies, buy tickets to the upcoming conference or contribute to their world-changing project.”


Clean sustainable energy would radically change everything. You can take matters into your own hands! This is a huge opportunity and will continue to be one for you and all those around you. Your kids can make this a school project too. You don’t have to attend the conference to learn all about it, write about it, blog about its causes and promotions, blog about the world vision of sustainability!



Your website and personal business can prosper from the use of natural sustainable energy. Your health will benefit. Your recurring expenses will go way down! Your air will be cleaner and your water. Your earth! You can volunteer, contribute, use your hands and your brain, and help the world evolve, the right way!!



Get the BUZZ on Natural News: “Unwilling and uneducated leaders and energy policy makers have caused years of delays for advanced clean and sustainable energy technologies and applications, but that is all about to change”


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Join the revolution to support free energy

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