Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zombie woman attacks McDonald’s drive thru for toxic McNuggett fix


Food terrorism is a quiet storm that has buried its roots right here in America, but people are so distracted by Hollywood and fake wars in the Middle East that they don’t even realize the true horror stories unfold every day, at fast food restaurants, on school lunch trays, and in vaccines and prescription drugs. Some people are so addicted to food and medicine toxins that they will kill you for more. This was nearly the case at McDonald’s this week, where a woman who wishes she was a real zombie wanted to bite off the face of a drive through attendant who couldn’t give her chicken mcnuggets, because it was 10:30 am and they were only serving breakfast. Do you remember the zombie guy who was eating another man’s face in Miami about a year ago, and the police had to shoot him in the back and kill him before he literally ate the other man’s entire face off? http://www.naturalnews.com/035990_zombie_apocalypse_Miami_police.html


Here is new coverage of the zombie apocalypse in the U.S. and it’s not just World War Z at the movie theatre, this woman was ready to kill someone for msg nuggets, and she even breaks the drive through window glass with a bottle to prove it. Luckily, the drive through attendant backed away from her as she reaches through the window to try to grab him for his flesh food, since he couldn’t satisfy her junk science addiction. Here’s the coverage on Natural News:


“Beating on the glass window and clutching at McDonald's employees, this female zombie uttered a series of phenomenal phrases which are now becoming the stuff of legend across the 'net. (See the video and photos below.) Those phrases include:

"Unless you're sticking McNuggets into my hands, I don't wanna hear it!"

"Don't you ****ing run away from me you fat meatbag, I will end you!"

"Don't make me assume my ultimate form, I will ****ing wreck you!"

"I'm going to eat your ****ing face and I'm going to digest it and **** it out into the gutter!"

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041882_zombie_attack_Chicken_McNuggets_caught_on_video.html#ixzz2dqNkjnnh


The “terrorists” you should be worried about are the American zombies addicted to GMO food and GMO medicine. You should learn how to defend yourself. Mike Adams teaches courses on line about survival and surthrival, and when the financial and economic apocalypse really hits America, these “zombie” freaks might be all over the place, especially in big cities where there are lots of fast food outlets, liquor stores, porn stores, and mandatory vaccine “stop and shoot up” shops (pharmacies and grocery stores). Also, do not check into FEMA camp outlets as you will not be allowed to ever leave. The zombie apocalypse is approaching. Learn to be self sufficient, eat organic food, take only natural supplements, don’t get vaccinated with Big Pharma’s poison concoctions, and never ever believe the news on television. The best way to defend yourself against Chicken McNugget Zombies is to not become one yourself!



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