Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hawaii’s Kaua’i wins huge victory over GMO with nearly unanimous city council vote!


Even though they call Kaua’i “ground zero” because the mass use of chemicals for agriculture, there is some saving grace in the laws there now, and schools, surfers, farmers and gardeners have a new milestone achievement for limiting the GMO chem.fest that’s been going on for years there. It’s almost a reversal of how regulations usually go for Biotech, in that the people now have checks and balances on the “big guns” (Big Ag – like Monsanto, Dow, Bayer crop, Dupont) that pollute agriculture and the environment all around the mass spraying of pesticides and other toxins on crops and soil. In the way that politicians and biotech have recently put pressure on small organic farmers, now the tables have turned, and the restrictions are on the GMO “breeders” and “feeders” – the very corporations and companies that spread lies and try to payoff legislatures to do the “wrong” thing, and vote the other way. This is a huge victory for organic and sustainable living. It will affect the whole United States, for the people who are paying attention, because this is a symbol, a precedent, a shot fired into the sky, about how we must protect ourselves from “cancer” food and the businesses that ruin agriculture.


The new Restrictions labeled 2491 require:

A county-level environmental assessment of the potentially hazardous effects of the toxic chemicals being sprayed on agricultural crops … and full disclosure of the exact pesticides and herbicides being sprayed, as well as location details of where spraying is taking place. (and there’s more restrictions than just that!)

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Remember, food grown in dead soil is dead. Seeds that contain GMO have no nutrition and poison human insides with pesticide and herbicides. Never eat anything GMO. Move away from the agriculture pollution system known as RoundUp Ready crop, and GMO corn and soy crop. This is the height of “disease fuel” and needs to be stopped. Vote for politicians and city council members who vow to stop GMO and write legislation to protect the people, the land, the animals, the food. This is justice, that we should all be able to choose from foods that DO NOT cause cancer. Don’t eat cancer.

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