Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mainstream media turns on Obamacare!

The Liberals are suddenly screaming mad about rate shock and the disaster

Learn more: computer code fails to function

You may hear a few fake examples and testimonials that people are actually able to shop and lockdown coverage, but they’re all lies. You see, here is how the “circle of power” functions. 5 years ago, the Obama “cabinet” sat around a big “round” table (hence the name circle of power) and talked about how to enslave the country and make a fortune quickly doing it. The plan was three-fold, and started with GMO genetically modified food “organisms,” then phases into vaccines and flu shots, which in turn feeds the back end of the plan, symptom “cosmetics” healthcare, where you give people medicine that covers up (temporarily relieves symptoms of disease and disorder) but eventually makes people addicted to drugs. The end goal of the three-fold plan is to gain complete control of what people do with the money they have after taxes, their net income. This sounds quite complex, but it is not. This is quite simple and is accomplished through the media and staged events, staged internet “registration sites” and staged war. Fear is the fuel than runs this fake front system, and the burning fire is the general public health. With everyone crippled by ingesting toxins, getting vaccinated with toxins, and watching the “toxic” news, they are seemingly locked in to approaching the healthcare realm as if they have choices, but the choices are all under the umbrella of which poisons to put into your system and how often. It’s a big trick and it is now a law.

So what’s the code? What is the jargon you are seeing on, if you so dare go on there and enter your social security number and involuntarily surrender your IP address to the authorities that be? If the Jews had computers in Nazi Germany, Hitler would have had them all register for healthcare first, and then tell them to board the trains to the Re-education camps (now FEMA). 

How can the U.S. Government claim they have a website for registering, shopping and securing healthcare when they really don’t? How can they post a front, a stage, a hoax, a platform that allows you to enter your most personal, private, medical and employment information but not even be able to get true coverage? When you find out this whole computer system is useless and doesn’t work, you can then look back at ALL of the Obama fraud and treason, and you will know that this is not the first “crime.”


Take a good look at this now. When a criminal gets caught, say for raping someone or killing someone, the forensics step in and usually find evidence of a bunch of other rape victims or murder victims from the same criminal. They find a long rap sheet, years of crimes, from little stuff when they were in high school to major stuff they “got away with.” When you hear of criminals being tried for like 50 or 100 counts, it’s because they have SO MUCH dirt on them, there’s no way they can get off on a technicality or two. They are guilty across the board and it’s the end of the line. Prison time. Take a good look at some of the “terror” that has happened on U.S. soil in the past 12 years and be your own “lawyer” and your own “forensics” investigator. Use common sense here and be smart. Then think about Obamacare and

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