Monday, November 4, 2013

Crippling the U.S. “free market” with government “mandates” is the Obama signature M.O.

The method of operation (M.O.) for socialism to crush the free market at gunpoint, Americans just can’t see the gun because it’s so dark inside. Back in the early 1900’s, doctors in America barely made enough money to support a family. Natural remedies and vitamins were being dished out by natural healers and over 85% of the people were not interested in pharmaceuticals or vaccines of any kind. Then came WWII and afterwards, the Washington D.C. bigwigs hired those Nazi scientists fresh out of prison, to work on drugs and food additives that breed cancer, and that was the M.O. then. Nothing’s really changed, except now the genetically modified food warps cells even faster than just processed food does, so people are suffering from all sorts of self-inflicted diseases and disorders, so get ready for some “forced care” for ALL of THAT. Obamacare is coming to a grocery store, a pharmacy, a hospital, and a Doc-in-tha-Box near you, to force inject you with GMO medicine, to x-ray you over and over, to surgically remove organs that aren’t functioning correctly due to the GMO food the FDA pushes, and your taxes will pay for your own demise, whether you like it or not. Free will and choice are going down the toilet, and a toxic food and toxic medicine “mandate” is upon the U.S. people, so what is the only choice left if you don’t like it?


Mike Adams has plenty to say about this on Natural News:


“Sooner or later the people revolt and overthrow the tyranny for the simple reason that liberty is part of the DNA of all humans. We are beings with free will and consciousness, and that means we don't want to be enslaved and forced to act against our will -- especially not by a criminal, incompetent government run like a mafia.”



“Deep inside, all Obama supporters believe in a soviet-style centrally-planned economy, and they live in a matrix of wild delusions in which they believe government actually delivers services more efficiently and cheaply than the private sector.”


People who eat fast food regularly, get flu shots regularly, and drink tap water and soda regularly are ‘dumbed down’ and believe the Government is good at running the programs they want most. Now, a 75 year track record of synthetic food and synthetic medicine has overwhelmed a whole NATION with cancer, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. NO other nation in the world suffers more than the USA from preventable disease. Doctors could soon be forced to work on the GMO sick, the fast-food sick, the artificial sweetener diseased sick folk, and the doctors will have to work for free. This is where Obamacare is heading. If you think pre-existing conditions will be covered, think again. No government can foot the bill for poisoning its own citizens for decades. That is not the Healthcare.gullible plan you’re looking at on-line and trying so “hard to secure.”




There is a fix. There is a solution to the madness. Tune into Natural News and track the real health news and understand a program that could take care of people while giving them freedom of choice and natural, organic food coupled with natural remedies and doctors who actually understand and have studied nutrition. Follow the yellow brick road to good health and tune in to the truth:


“We, the People of these United States of America, hereby call for revolutionary changes in our health care system that encourage health and prosperity instead of disease and corporate profit.”

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