Monday, December 9, 2013

Do you have Lab Wheat Disease? Find out now.

I wonder why wheat is causing disease and disorder in America. What could possibly be the reason? Doctors go to medical schools, some for 12 years straight, to study the body, and chemistry, and biology, and surgery, all so they can figure out how to keep people from dying. That's America, and that's the medical phenomenon, if they can just "keep you from dying." It doesn't ever matter how big the bill is to keep you from your grave either, or how you feel, or what organs you lose, or if some body part needs to be removed, as long as you get to live, right? And you've heard for years and years, since you were little, that wheat, corn and rice are good for you! Yes, I don't care how old you are; whether you're 86 or 26 or 58, you've heard all the myths, the lies, the four food groups, the need for meat for protein, the need for milk for calcium and the NEED for WHEAT for regularity and other proteins.

So where is everybody going wrong? Why are there so many people with gluten intolerance? Don't their bodies like pesticide? Bug and weed killer? Don't people want to eat food that their bodies can't expel properly? Is gluten food glue? Why is it called that? What on earth would make people with celiac disease and divots in their colon intolerable of gooey wheat glue that contains pesticide and was altered in a laboratory? Why are one-third of Americans trying to avoid this? It's just such a mystery! Maybe we should all march for the cure.

Lab wheat disease is preventable and curable

Most Americans want to eat food from a laboratory, because it's easy. It's easy to preserve. It's easy to heat up in their microwave, or just add water and boil. Lab food is "nukable." Lab food is drive-through-able. Lab food goes from the CAFO to the pretty pink meat package in front of the butcher's lab at the grocer. Lab food sits in jars and boxes on the shelves, sometimes for years, waiting for the next sucker to purchase it. Lab food is preserved with sodium benzoate and sorbitol. Lab food is preserved with MSG. Lab food is grown in the fields of America, those great fields of GMOs that "feed the world" toxic corn, toxic soy, toxic canola, toxic cotton seed oil and, yes, TOXIC WHEAT. (

Have no doubt whatsoever, genetically modified wheat is spreading. It is planted, untested, unregulated and contaminating organic and conventional farms that don't practice creating and breeding LAB wheat. Are you eating pesticide wheat? Pesticide is an "umbrella" term, covering every type of toxin a farmer can use to ward off or kill PESTS, which includes weeds, bugs, worms, flies, beetles, fungi, bacteria and even animals. Pesticide is an all-encompassing term that includes herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and algaecide. The range of health problems from consuming this is broad: (

"A complex range of diseases results from consumption of wheat, from celiac disease -- the devastating intestinal disease that develops from exposure to wheat gluten -- to an assortment of neurological disorders, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, curious rashes, and the paralyzing delusions of schizophrenia."

The grain that damages the brain

Lab research actually proves that wheat can be deadly. Plants absorb pollutants - it's as simple as that. Check into it well ( One recent experiment involving ryegrass shed light on how environmental toxins, chemical pesticides and other pollutants are fully capable of absorbing directly into plants and distributing throughout plant cells. Conventional food crops doused in chemical pesticides are most likely doing the exact same thing -- and millions of people are consuming food made from these crops every single day! Do you know about the dirty dozen? Hey, you don't have to have celiac disease to wonder what is wrong with American wheat. Don't fall for the "whole wheat" craze and scam. Get healthy. Check out "Forks over Knives" and know the difference with your own plant-based diet! (

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