Thursday, December 12, 2013

New York City mandates MERCURY flu shots for children – is this medical (NAZI) forced-pharma implementation?

Have you ever heard the name I.G. Farben? That was Hitler’s “right arm” – the big pharma regime that would sweep through regions/countries he took over and shut down/takeover all their medicine manufacturing/distribution and “install” theirs. IG Farben was a conglomerate of Big Pharma “guns” wielding corrupt medicine just like they do today. And what are politics in America but those “salesmen” vying for that capital, that cash, some of those “payoffs” from the “Big Guns” that are bumping elbows at conventions, campaign fundraisers, and those big dinners in Washington DC fine dining establishments, and, oh yeah, New York City. The vaccine WAR is heating up in New York City faster than a solar panel in Arizona, and it looks like mommies and daddies are going to be forced by their government to inject their children with mercury (thimerosal) injections that cause autism, mental disorders, neurological disorders, and sometimes death. On top of it all, the Nazi “vaccine court” will handle any cases that “pop up” or where the injected wind up six feet under a week or two later.


You know Hitler force-tested kids with psychotic medicine, insane surgery and he was fascinated with twins and had his scientists perform lobotomies on them to try to “investigate” his fascination. Maybe any babies in New York City born as twins will have to get triple the flu shots, just to be on the safe side. New LAW!!


The New York City Board of Health must be “bored” with all the “health” and maybe, just maybe, they will all be going on some luxurious vacations real soon, and all their personal debt will just go away, and they’ll have some “hot stock” in some Merck or Pfizer, or if they keep enforcing those “mandates” they’ll be a part of the next hedge fund! Woohoo!


Folks, when quack vaccines are force injected and you have NO right to sue in court when you or your child are injured or dead, well, that’s NAZI medicine, and New York City is just the training camp for the new Auschwitz, the new re-education of the zombies who think a 32 ounce diet soda is less damaging than a GMO high fructose corn syrup loaded one. They should go ahead and make 32 ounce diet sodas mandatory DAILY for all citizens of New York City and maybe even the whole state. Why not? Science has proven Aspartame and HFCS as safe to eat - haven’t they? Otherwise, I.G. Farben (I mean the FDA and Monsanto) would have never approved it for use in humans.


Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News, puts it plainly in the name of all logic here:

“Those who deny that mercury is toxic to children are morally repugnant and scientifically inept. They are the "Flat Earthers" of medicine and they will do almost anything to make sure your child gets injected with a substance so dangerous than the entire industry had to be granted legal immunity by Congress because its products would otherwise result in so much legal liability that the industry would go bankrupt.” He goes on to write: “If cars were sold in the same way as vaccines, every 1 in 88 families who bought a car would find their child permanently maimed by the child seat sold with the car, to the point where that child could no longer function in society. And then, when they tried to sue the manufacturer for selling them a faulty, dangerous product, they would be told, "Sorry. The car industry has been granted blanket immunity from all lawsuits. You have no due process."

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