Monday, December 2, 2013

Drones to drop ship packages on your porch in 4 years via

Look, out your front door, what are those things, flying around the neighborhood? They’re everywhere. Are they huge dragon flies or gargantuan locusts? Is this minority report or did you wake up to a world where drones drop your packages on your porch and take some pictures and video through your windows, from strategic angles? Can you give “signature confirmation” by flashing the peace sign from your living room floor? Will merge with the NSA and deliver the Obamacare cancellation notices, or will it just be your paranoia and it’s really just a book and a board game being dropped off just in time for someone’s birthday or that hallmark holiday?


How many people will have nets ready, to trap the drones and sell them on E-Bay? How many hunters, ex-cops, military and ex-military will play skeet, and blast them down like clay pigeons? Can the judge watch the video of you shooting down the drone and will it add to your sentence? What if you were just involved in some protest, or accident, or you’re just late paying taxes or medical collections, could your Amazon drone delivery couple some reports with Microsoft and your cell phone company to insure “proper delivery” of the news and legislation you may not know about? After all, Snowden may have been right, and what if the Prism already has all that information, from your emails and your social media, and from your doctors visits and your voting habits, and all that is pooled with the most efficient e-commerce site in the world, ever?


Will Amazon sell out and become part of the FEMA plot to visit each home and make sure the re-education is delivered via speakers in the streets, like WWII? How loud will the drone speakers be when they announce your package has arrived, or will they ring the bell? How long can they just sit there, hovering over your porch, if you’re not home?


Picture this: it’s four to five years from now and you’re turning the corner of your block and you see a drone, with a spotlight, taking photos of your kids in the house, or your wife, or your grandma, what are you going to do about it? Maybe Obama will slip in some rider in some Bill while the ball is dropping this New Year’s Eve, or the next one, that says the Government is confiscating all “footage” taken from Amazon DRONES for National Security purposes. You know he can do it. Are they taking pictures of your garden or how well you secure your home? This is NDAA, remember. You won’t even be able to blame Amazon. That’s politics. Stay tuned to Natural News for more and you can be sure of that.


In news that has shocked the world, founder Jeff Bezos has publicly announced an ambitious plan to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes using airborne robotic drones. The story was unveiled by 60 Minutes on Sunday.

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