Sunday, December 1, 2013

Obama spending less than a trillion a year is called “deficit reduction”


If I were a madman, a serial killer, and I killed 100 people every year for four years, and then suddenly, last year I only killed 80, should I brag about it and say that I’ve reduced crime?


If I were a bank robber, and I stole a million dollars from 4 different armored trucks over the past 4 years, and now, this year, I’m still robbing an armored truck, but I’m only stealing $750,000, is that a good thing? Should I be honored for stealing less? What if I am a politician, a lifelong committed one? Does that make it okay? You bet your last nickel it does. That’s why 30% of America still supports Barrack Obama and believes he is all about “change” and movement “forward.” Obama has spent a trillion a year on senseless war in the Middle East, and just because he moved the military out of Iraq and moved them all into Afghanistan doesn’t make him some kind of hero. Just because Obama is spending (stealing money by having Bernanke print it for him) $200 billion less this year doesn’t mean he’s not wasting nearly a TRILLION anyhow, on flying jets, fueling aircraft carriers, pissing of foreign nations by occupying their soil, and stealing resources from nations he claims to be protecting or installing democracy (dictatorship via capitalism and socialist medicine).


Obama is like some trailer trash mother of 15 after winning at bingo that goes shopping at Walmart and clears off the shelves. Obama is like a sociopath who thinks he’s helping the country by lying through his teeth on TV about terrorism and healthcare. Obama is like Hitler, as he force feeds Big Pharma medicine and GMO to America, and as he pursues the destruction of organic food, raw milk, and herbs and vitamins as the cure for disease. Obama is like Hitler as he re-educates the zombies of America, pretending like his administration is “transparent” and out for the greater good, while he protects the 1% of the 1%, the elitists, the white supremacists, the WASPS that run the congress, the Democrats who want their slaves to fall in line. Obama murdered the Bill of Rights with NDAA. Bush murdered the Constitution with the Patriot Act. It’s all smoke and mirrors folks. Wake up. This Obama spending spree is bringing the economy to its knees. Inflation is inevitable, gas prices will soar, food prices will soar, cancer cases from GMO wheat, corn and soy will skyrocket, and Obamacare will be shoved down the throats of all PARTICIPATING idiots who think healthcare.gullible is a good place to punch in your social security number, file your taxes, and vote for more treason, more Obamanation, and more of the same abuse of civil rights.



“Obama's Office of Management and Budget says that the president's fiscal year 2014 budget would add an additional $8.7 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years, which would bring the country's federal debt to some $25.8 trillion, nearly double the current gross domestic product of about $16 trillion.”

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