Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are you using unapproved DRUGS for cosmetics and will the mercury content destroy your brain? – Natural News exclusive review

There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s, right? There’s no cure for Cancer either, right? Wrong. Think about the prevention of these, and then think about your skin as the largest organ of your body. Most women are pretty careful about the cosmetics, creams, lotions and “blemish” removers they use, or are they? New research reveals things could be 10,000 times worse than has been assumed. Even the FDA limits of toxins in personal care items such as these are being blown away! Where is the ENFORCEMENT of these regulations and laws? Can companies just put drugs in make-up and sell it legally in every pharmacy and on line at will? Mercury is lethal, and people are putting it on their face every day and it stays there, soaking in, contaminating the blood with one of the world’s most potent poisons, the “silent destroyer of healthy cellular function.”

New report shows products exceeding mercury standards 10,000 to 1

In a new report from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, hundreds of skin-lightening products from around the world were found to contain extraordinary levels of mercury that exceed FDA standards 10,000 to one! Infamous for poisoning the kidneys and brain, mercury is a potent, silent destroyer of healthy cellular function.

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The FDA limits companies to 1 ppm mercury in cosmetic products, so are they even showing up for work? What is the FDA doing about it? Natural News enthusiasts want to know.


18 U.S. products tested and showed mercury levels exceeding 1,000 ppm – a toxic dose!

Ladies, do you use skin cream regularly? What type of skin cream do you use? Do you have insomnia or severe headaches? It might not just be the MSG and Aspartame you eat – it could be the skim cream, very well. Do you have a teenager, or are you a teenager, who uses acne cream? You could be at risk of mercury poisoning. This is serious. Do the homework on the products you use. Take their names and contents and plug them into Natural News search box and read some professional articles. You will know!


This is just another perfect example of American regulations failure (FDA, EPA and CDC) and the propagation of disease and disorder that could be halted in its tracks.


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