Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Labeling GMO state by state in America – 5 state Provision set for Northeast USA


There’s a huge black cloud that hangs over the USA, blocking the sunlight and the vitamin D. Have you seen it? Have you looked up at all, or are you just walking around in the dark, gloomy city, waiting for something to change? The black cloud is just sitting there, keeping everyone in the dark, but it’s a figure of speech of course, meaning most people in the country can’t see what’s in their food, they can’t taste it, and they can’t read the dangers on the labels, and that’s because there are no GMO labeling laws. Well, not yet, but they’re on their way. Yes, the big black cloud may move off the Eastern seaboard of America and shine light on some Northeast states like Maine and Connecticut. The people of those states might just absorb some Vitamin D sunshine before it’s too late.


New laws would require the labeling of GMOs in five states and begin setting a precedent for the whole country. Once Monsanto is defeated in the Northeast, a wave of sunshine will roll over the Mississippi River and out to the Colorado River, up to the Great Lake States and across to Washington and Oregon. The labeling of cancer causing food will help states like Arizona and Texas make informed decisions about disease prevention, right there on the food labels. Imagine, the grand ole USA doing what the rest of the world is already doing, labeling toxic food or even banning it. Wow. We really are advanced! 


Some people already know they don’t want to eat food that grows from seeds containing pesticide, but others think GMO means feeding the world and growing more food. That’s because they watch too much TV and think GMO stands for genetically mutual opportunity.


Meanwhile, as the dishonesty continues, nutrient-void food becomes more prevalent, beckoning a sickened population that roams around in the dark.

Maine Governor signs GMO labeling bill

While countries like Europe, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia all require labeling of genetically modified ingredients, the people of the US are still in the dark and continues to face challenges.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043515_Maine_GMO_labeling_biotech_industry.html#ixzz2qNrvT8Kb




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